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Mathematics for Economics and Business: An Interactive Introduction, Includes MathEcon CD-ROM, 2nd Edition


Now in its seond edition, this text offers and ideal introduction for economics and business students seeking to understand the mathematics relevant to them. Each chapter demonstrates basic mathematical techniques, while also explaining the economic analysis and business context where each technique is regularly used. By following examples and practice problems, students will learn how to use and apply each of these methods.

This updated edition features expanded summaries of economic analysis, new sections on matrix algebra and linear programming, and additional demonstrations of economics applications. Along with these new features, the book continues to separate mathematical methods and economics applications into discrete sections, allowing the student to learn the mathematics needed, or to proceed immediately to the economics examples.

This CD-ROM includes the award-winning MathEcon software, Excel files, Powerpoint slides, all definitions and ‘remember’ boxes, and additional practice questions.

Jean Soper is Lecturer in Economics at the University of Leicester and is involved in the Executive Committee responsible for the continuing development of WinEcon.

Features of the Book.

List of MathEcon Screens.

List of Excel Worksheets.

1. Functions in Economics.

2. Equations in Economics.

3. Macroeconomic Models.

4. Changes, Rates, Finance and Series.

5. Differentiation in Economics.

6. Maximum and Minimum Values.

7. Further Rules of Differentiation.

8. Partial Differentiation in Economics.

9. Constrained Maxima and Minima.

10. Integration in Economics.

11. Linear Programming.

12. Matrices in Economics.