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Myth-Busting Economics: A No-nonsense Guide to Your Money, Your Business and the Australian Economy


Why are falling petrol prices bad for your finances?
How can a cyclone in the Pacific hit your hip pocket?
What do racehorses and family pets have in common?
How does a downturn in Europe cause currency fluctuations in Australia?

"One of the most articulate economists in Australia"--ALAN KOHLER

Myth-Busting Economics cuts through the complexity, reveals the curious and exposes the hype to explain just what the economy means to you, both as an individual and in business. Leading economist Stephen Koukoulas eveals just how influential the trends in the Australian economy are on your life, your work and your future.

This straight-talking guide will show:

  • how economic trends actually affect you
  • what small lifestyle choices can make a big impact on your finances
  • how the stability of overseas markets can influence the Australian currency
  • which economic uncertainties create either opportunities or pitfalls.

Discover crucial insights on how to mine the economic opportunities and sidestep the risks, enabling you to make informed decisions for yourself and your business.

STEPHEN KOUKOULAS has been an economist in the Australian Treasury, a chief economist for two major banks, and a senior economic adviser to an Australian prime minister. He frequently appears on ABC, Bloomberg, Sky TV, The Project, and news programs.

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