NASD Arbitration Solution: Five Black Belt Principles to Protect and Grow Your Financial Services Practice


Thomas Hine had been working as a Registered Representative for more than a decade when, without warning, he became the subject of an investor complaint to the NASD—and was forced to go through NASD arbitration to resolve the dispute.

While many in his position would shy away from discussing this experience, Hine, with the help of John Brubaker, decided to share his story and provide you with invaluable instructional and motivational information regarding the costly and time-consuming NASD arbitration process; how you can grow your financial services practice; minimize the chances of an investor complaint; and properly respond to one, if necessary.

NASD Arbitration Solution presents an entirely new approach to the subject of compliance. It combines courtroom drama, vivid anecdotes, analogies, humor, philosophy, and practical "how to" advice to create the definitive one-stop resource for Registered Representatives on one of the most talked about subjects in the financial services industry. A page-turning work on a subject often regarded by representatives as tedious, it may become the only book on NASD compliance you will ever want to read from cover to cover.

Thomas J. Hine, CFP, CFS, MBA, is the Managing Member of Capital Wealth Management, LLC and has more than seventeen years of experience in the financial services industry. In 2003, he became a "Million Dollar Producer," which means that his practice generates gross revenue in excess of more than one million dollars. He was recently nominated "Broker of the Year" by Boomer magazine. Hine speaks regularly to major companies and groups on the issue of compliance. He holds a 4th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate awarded by the Japan Karate Association.

John K. Brubaker is a full-time business writer and outplacement consultant. He also holds martial arts recognition and competes in decathlon competitions.

Why I Wrote This Book.



Part One: My NASD Arbitration from Start to Finish.

Chapter 1 Sweating Bullets.

Chapter 2 24: The Day That Almost Never Ended.

Chapter 3 Expert Witness Unmasked: An Offer to Settle—I Finally Get to Testify.

Chapter 4 Cross-Examination—It Was War.

Chapter 5 Closing Arguments—And a Decision.

Part Two: Five Black-Belt Principles to Protect and Grow Your Financial Services Practice.

Chapter 6 The Cycle of Life.

Chapter 7 To Protect and Grow.

Chapter 8 Humility: The White-Belt Attitude.

Chapter 9 Integrity: Look in the Mirror.

Chapter 10 Duality: Yin and Yang.

Chapter 11 Awareness: The Third Eye.

Chapter 12 Dedication: Kaizen.

Part Three: How to Prevail in an NASD Arbitration Hearing.

Chapter 13 What’s the Cost?

Chapter 14 Case Studies.

Chapter 15 The Lawyer’s Perspective: How to Prepare and Try an NASD Arbitration Case—by James W.Weller, Esq.

Chapter 16 How to Prepare for NASD Arbitration.

Chapter 17 Preparing to Testify and Managing Your Case to Conclusion.


Appendix A NASD Arbitration Case Flow.

Appendix B NASD Arbitration Trends.

Appendix C Errors-and-Omissions Insurance.

Appendix D Technology Tools.


About the Authors.