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Options: An Introduction, 2nd Edition


Options: An Introduction is a completely revised edition which not only provides the same comprehensive introduction as the first edition, but also includes expanded treatment of option strategies, complete treatment of option sensitivities (DELTA, etc.) thorough treatment of European and American options in two separate chapters, and expanded treatment of options on futures, foreign currency options, and options on stock indexes. As with the first edition, the text comes with OPTION! software.

Major improvements to the software include:

  • The ability to write graphs to the hard drive for printing
  • European and American binomial model pricing with dividends (proportional payouts, continuous payouts, and specific dollar payouts)
  • The Barone-Adesi and Whaley analytic approximation for American options (with graphs)
  • Exact American option pricing (with graphs)
  • Complete analysis of option sensitivities (with graphs).

An Instructor's Manual is available to adopters.

1. The Options Market.

2. Option Payoffs and Option Strategies.

3. Bounds on Option Prices.

4. European Option Pricing.

5. Option Sensitivities and Option Hedging.

6. American Option Pricing.

7. Options on Stock Indexes, Foreign Currency, and Futures.

8. The Options Approach to Corporate Securities.

OPTION! Installation and Quick Start Exercises for OPTION!.