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Organise Your Home: De-clutter, De-stress


Is your clutter taking control of your life?

Organise Your Home will show you how to use the in8steps system and organise your entire home without turning it into total chaos in the process.

Work at a pace your lifestyle allows and use this tried-and-tested system to completely overhaul your relationship with your stuff.

MaryAnne Bennie is an organising expert, speaker and director of in8 home office and life organising.

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1 Masterclass 1: setting up for success 1

2 Masterclass 2: the in8steps system 8

3 Masterclass 3: a space mission 32

4 Masterclass 4: getting a handle on hardware 37

5 Masterclass 5: time-saving techniques 55

6 Bedroom boost 61

7 Fresh faces for living spaces 78