Paul Volcker: The Making of a Financial Legend



"Paul Volcker may be the most important figure of our time on the U.S. economic scene. In his book, Paul Volcker: The Making of a Financial Legend, Joseph Treaster has captured the man, his time, and his influence with exceptional insight, clarity, and readability. It's a must-read for anyone interested in the American economy."
—Myron Kandel, CNN Financial Editor

"Only a truly great chairman of the Federal Reserve could stay the course, keep interest rates at an all-time high to lower inflation, and save the economy in the face of near unanimous denunciation and derision. That drumbeat was summed up in a congressman's shout, 'Your course of action is wrong. There isn't anybody who says you're right.' That chairman was Paul Volcker. Events, of course, proved Volcker right."
—Ed Koch, former New York City mayor, and current Partner, Bryan Cave LLP

"Paul Volcker is a true American hero. His courage as a central banker in leading the assault on the great inflation of the 1970s was the single most important step on the road to economic renewal in the United States. Treaster's probing look inside the man reveals a strength of character that made it easy for Volcker to do the toughest job in America."
—Stephen S. Roach, Chief Economist and Director of Global Economic Analysis, Morgan Stanley

"At a time when a number of business leaders have betrayed the public trust, upon which their power, position, and, ultimately, the prosperity of their companies depended, Paul Volcker stands out as a financial leader of unusual competence, unquestionable diligence, and uncompromising integrity. Joseph Treaster has vividly captured the essential greatness of the man in his excellent book."
—David Rockefeller III, former CEO and chairman of The Chase Manhattan Bank

"Joseph Treaster has written a splendidly useful book that reveals how one courageous banker broke the back of double-digit inflation in America. There are up-to-the-minute lessons here for everyone who wants to learn from history rather than be condemned to repeat it."
—Marshall Loeb, columnist for CBS MarketWatch and former managing editor of Fortune and Money magazines

JOSEPH B. TREASTER has been a reporter for the New York Times for more than thirty years. He has received numerous journalism awards for his work domestically and internationally, including three from the Overseas Press Club of America for his work in Africa and Latin America.

Chapter 1. A Finance Legend.

Chapter 2. Seventy-Six.

Chapter 3. The Power of the Fed.

Chapter 4. Chairman.

Chapter 5. Youth.

Chapter 6. School Days.

Chapter 7. Hardship.

Chapter 8. Difficult Choices.

Chapter 9. The Fallout.

Chapter 10. Fly-Fishing.