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People-Centric Skills: Interpersonal and Communication Skills for Auditors and Business Professionals


Interpersonal and Communication Skills for Auditors and Business Professionals

People-Centric Skills provides powerful insight into real-world situations of typical interactions that take place in every Internal Audit Department. The authors cleverly use the background of a fictional Internal Audit department and an executive trainer to create scenarios demonstrating communications dynamics among the audit team and lessons learned for improving personal interactions. The book is particularly useful for professionals responsible for coaching and supervising others, as well as Audit Departments in the process of building high performance teams.”
—Stephen Shelton, CPA,
Fortune 500 Company Chief Audit Executive

“As a fellow internal auditor and speaker, this brilliant book is relatable and relevant. This book is not only unique, but ground-breaking. The intriguing characters and suspense appeals to the senses. The authors’ brave depiction of everyday experiences is entertaining and educational. This book will help readers understand and improve their People-Centric skills and expose you to technical audit-based knowledge, such as risk assessments, audit reporting, and follow up.”
—Raven Lane Catlin,
Professional Speaker, Raven Global Training;
Advocate of Adding Value through Internal Audit

“The authors take a very novel approach in developing typical internal audit personalities that keep you wanting to read more. They reference areas of communication skills that are a requirement of all auditors. With communication and leadership skills a priority of every audit group, this book provides a very quick read with tips for improving the skills within the audit group. The book keeps your interest as the personalities of the characters come alive for those who have worked in internal audit.”
—Mark Salamasick,
Director of Center for Internal Auditing Excellence,
University of Texas at Dallas

DANNY M. GOLDBERG is the Founder of GoldSRD, a leading provider of staff augmentation, executive recruiting, and its main pillar service, professional development. He is a well-known speaker throughout the world, working with numerous Fortune 1000 companies and hundreds of professional associations. Danny has over 15 years of internal audit experience, including numerous leadership roles and lead/assisting in building three departments from the ground up. Danny is also well-published, including annual articles in many trade magazines, such as ISACA Journal, Dallas Business Journal, and The Audit Report.

MANNY ROSENFELD has over 30 years of audit, process improvement, team facilitation, and business experience and has led broad and best class internal audit functions for four Fortune 500 corporations with operations around the world. He is on the Board of Governors of the Dallas Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors, where he coordinates the Chief Audit Executive Roundtables. Manny has also published a number of articles in Internal Auditor and Quality Progress magazines.

Foreword ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

Chapter 1 The People-Centric Journey Begins 1

People-Centric (P-C) Skills aim to improve all aspects of personal interactions, relationship development, and communications.

These skills are as essential to success as are the technical skills. The People-Centric Skills include, but are not limited to: communication in all mediums, conflict resolution, active listening, leadership, mentoring and coaching, establishing business relationships, effective teaming and team dynamics, consensus building, nonverbal communications and body language, assessing corporate culture, etc.

Chapter 2 Agreeing to the Plan 11

Generating and prioritizing ideas within a group



Avoiding Groupthink

Chapter 3 Corporate Culture Mentoring 33


Assessing Corporate Culture

Chapter 4 Managing Conflict with Difficult Executives 45

Conflict Management

Effective Meetings

Chapter 5 Coaching a Leader to Form a Team 73


Leading Special-purpose Teams

Situational Leadership Model

Facilitator Role

Team Sponsor Role

Team Member Role

Chapter 6 Team Dynamics: Setting the Foundation for Success 95

Team Dynamics

Stages of Team Development

Team Ground Rules

Team Mission Statement

Building Consensus

chapter 7 Communicating to Build Relationships 131

Relationship Building

Promoting the Role of Internal Audit

Optimized Listening Skills

Active Listening

Building Trust

Nonverbal Communications

Chapter 8 Continuing the People-Centric Journey 157

About the Authors 165