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Pivots, Patterns, and Intraday Swing Trades: Derivatives Analysis with the E-mini and Russell Futures Contracts, + Website


A fresh new approach and proven techniques for understanding and capitalizing on market volatility in the E-mini markets

Contrary to popular opinion, the extreme volatility of the E-mini stock index markets can offer traders great opportunities for achieving highly consistent returns. The trick is in knowing how to spot pattern models in the apparent chaos of the markets and to move swiftly to capitalize on intraday trends at their onset. This book shows you how.

Packed with time-tested technical models and original methodologies for trend discovery and trade entry in the E-mini markets, this book addresses those problems, and more, while arming you with the insights and tools you need to capitalize on the daily opportunities available to the skilled trader in these markets. In addition, the Companion Website features additional examples of many of the concepts as narrated in the author's own voice in video format.

Pivots, Patterns, and Intraday Swing Trades is a must-have resource for experienced day traders and newcomers alike.

"As part of compiling and publishing a comprehensive review of online futures trade rooms for Futures Truth Magazine, I've evaluated the performance of 512 futures traders. The criteria for evaluation were very exacting, and the task took over four and half years. The methods (and resulting performance) I observed Will Scheier using in his trade room over several uninterrupted months put him in the top 10 of all rooms. During those months, I witnessed some strings of 10 to 20 consecutive winning days in row! It's been a pleasure reading a copy of his book, pre-release, and can't imagine anyone approaching the challenge of futures without considering these methods. Truly remarkable, and reflective of true talent."
—Dean Handley, PhD, MBA, JD, Futures Trader

M. William Scheier is the owner and founder of Will started his trading career as a stock and futures broker in the early 1980s, learning to trade his own account and advise his clients, while mentoring with a retiring cotton trader. He then trained on the floor of the CME's S&P pit. With the advent of electronic trading, Will shifted his focus to day trading stock index futures in the smaller time frames, transferring much of what he learned from floor traders onto the screen. He estimates that in his efforts to further his trading education, he spent more than twenty-thousand dollars on courses and materials vendors of technical analysis, but found little if anything useful for trading in the smaller time frames of the volatile stock index futures markets. Ultimately, he found success with his own, highly original analysis methods, which he now teaches in a live, ten-session webinar.

Preface xi

Part One Time Frame Concepts

Chapter 1 A Three-Frame Day 3

Chapter 2 Opening Range Bar 13

Chapter 3 Pivot/Exhaustion Grid 23

Chapter 4 Dough Bar to Die Bar 49

Chapter 5 Leadership Divergence 55

Chapter 6 The Work-Done Concept 63

Chapter 7 Trading the News 69

Part Two Day Model Patterns

Chapter 8 Persistent Trend Day 81

Chapter 9 Test-and-Reject Day 95

Chapter 10 The Split-Open Day 103

Chapter 11 Day Model Sequence Cycle 105

Part Three Repetitive Chart Patterns

Chapter 12 The Momentum Grid 115

Chapter 13 Pre-Breakout Pause Pattern 121

Chapter 14 The Classics Revisited 125

Chapter 15 MA Pattern Concepts 141

Part Four Confluence and Execution

Chapter 16 Transition Time Reversals 151

Chapter 17 Trade Entry Models 157

Chapter 18 The Trade Plan 173

Appendix A Companion Website 185

Appendix B Color Legend 187

Appendix C Serial Sequent Wave Method 191

Appendix D ValhallaFutures Indicator Package and Intraday Index Futures Trading Course 195

Appendix E Screen Capturing an Event Library 197

Appendix F Randolph Newman 199

Appendix G Fibonacci versus Pivot/Exhaustion Grid 203

Appendix H The Last Triangle 207

Bibliography 209

About the Author 213

Index 215