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Planning For Long-Term Care For Dummies


Learn to:

  • Prepare financially for the road ahead
  • Navigate the healthcare system
  • Discuss tough issues with your family
  • Determine the legal documents you need
  • Evaluate your housing options

Everything you need to know to plan for the future

Whether you’re planning for yourself or for your parents, this easy-to-read handbook will help you get started. Dig in and get expert advice and recommendations on how to prepare for the financial, legal, medical, and personal considerations that come into play as you age. Prepare today with info from the experts at AARP and other specialists in long-term care.

  • Plan without pressure — discover how to plan for all aspects of life in an easy, well-considered manner
  • A place to call home — get details on staying in your house, choosing assisted living, living with family, and much more
  • The financial realities — assess what you have and what you’ll need, from insurance to legal considerations
  • The medical side — get the lowdown on finding quality medical services
  • Special considerations — find out about services for military veterans, resources for family caregivers, and LGBT options
  • Transportation options — learn ways to assess driving skills and alternatives to driving yourself

Open the book and find:

  • A complete overview of planning for the long term
  • Tips for researching the various options
  • Advice about modifying your home for safety and accessibility
  • All the basics of health insurance for long-term care
  • Questions to ask about independent and assisted living
  • Details on understanding the variety of home healthcare agencies and what Medicare covers
  • Information on palliative care and hospice care

Carol Levine directs the Families and Health Care Project at the United Hospital Fund in New York. She writes frequently about aging, health, long-term care, and family caregiving for consumer and professional audiences.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Long-Term Care 5

Chapter 1: Looking Ahead: The Big Picture 7

Chapter 2: A Personal Inventory of Needs and Preferences 21

Chapter 3: Researching Options for Services 29

Chapter 4: Making Decisions: A Family Affair 41

Part II: Long-Term Care in Different Settings 51

Chapter 5: Aging in Place 53

Chapter 6: Independent and Assisted Living and Other Group Settings 69

Chapter 7: Under One Roof: Generations Living Together 87

Chapter 8: Beyond Your Home: Living in a Community 101

Chapter 9: Getting Around: Transportation Options 113

Part III: Legal and Financial Planning for Long-Term Care 125

Chapter 10: Unraveling the Rules of Medicare and Medicaid 127

Chapter 11: Paying for Care: Long-Term Care Insurance and Other Options 145

Chapter 12: Financial Matters: Money Management, Wills, and Trusts 159

Part IV: Managing Your Health for the Long Term  175

Chapter 13: Choosing Good Geriatric Care 177

Chapter 14: Demystifying Home Care 191

Chapter 15: Understanding the Role of Nursing Homes in Long-Term Care 205

Chapter 16: Moving Toward Advance Care Planning 219

Part V: Special Populations 231

Chapter 17: Services for LGBT Older Adults 233

Chapter 18: Planning for Veterans 247

Chapter 19: Services for Family Caregivers 261

Part VI: The Part of Tens  279

Chapter 20: Ten Myths about Aging and Long-Term Care 281

Chapter 21: Ten Resources with State-by-State Information 291

Part VII: Appendixes 299

Appendix A: Glossary 301

Appendix B: Resources 317

Index 325