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Playing for Keeps in Stocks & Futures: Three Top Trading Strategies That Consistently Beat the Markets


Praise for Playing for Keeps in Stocks & Futures

"Wise traders seeking to improve their trading knowledge and skills are well advised to learn from the accumulated experience and knowledge of those who have already paid their dues, such as Tom Bierovic. Bierovic is an accomplished trader and an excellent teacher, and he provides indispensable and valuable information in his new book, which every serious trader should acquire and study. I heartily recommend it."
-Edward D. Dobson, President, Traders Press, Inc.

"In Tom's extraordinary no-nonsense way, he has presented so much more value than almost any reader will ever appreciate. Not only has he provided three solid approaches, he includes an insight into the strategic thinking found in many of the best traders!"
-Glen Ring, President, Glen Ring Enterprises
Analyst and publisher of View on Futures newsletter and Daily Update

"For traders wondering what to do with all those technical indicators that are part of their charting software packages, Tom Bierovic offers three trading systems that use combinations of their inputs to generate specific buy and sell signals. Moreover, Bierovic offers enough variations and trading concepts so that enterprising readers should have no trouble devising their own trading systems based on this compact, but idea-filled, text."
-Jack Schwager, Author of Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards

"A carefully crafted book and well thought-out selection of some of the best techniques. The analytical tools are that much more valuable because the author has employed them in his own trading program and refined them to reflect a good technical analysis foundation on which to build and succeed."
-Timothy Slater, Former Managing Director of Dow Jones Seminars, Computrac Technical Analysis Software Corporation

TOM BIEROVIC, President of the Synergy Trading Group, has been trading stocks and futures successfully since 1971. Tom is also a popular and respected speaker; he has presented highly rated seminars on technical analysis and trading at major conferences throughout the United States and in more than forty countries on six continents. Futures magazine, Futures World News, and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine have all published in-depth interviews with Tom, and he is featured in the book Real People, Real Traders by Toghraie and Ruggiero. Tom and his wife Laurie live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where they enjoy the sun, the ocean, trading, reading, writing, and trying to train their golden retriever, Maggie May. For information on products and services offered by the Synergy Trading Group, you can contact Tom by e-mail at



Chapter 1. Why Trade?

Chapter 2. Price Swings 101.

Chapter 3. The Three Components of a Trading Strategy.

Chapter 4. First Prize.

Chapter 5. R2D2.

Chapter 6. Triple Play.

Chapter 7. Suggestions for New Traders.

Appendix A: Recommended Reading.

Appendix B: Answers to Chapter Quizzes.