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Private Equity: Examining the New Conglomerates of European Business


Private Equity Examining the New Conglomerates of European Business 'This is the authoritative work on private equity, giving the business manager a genuine insight into how this relatively new form of ownership works.' Frank Neale, Phildrew Ventures 'A truly revealing insight into the world of private equity, MBOs and MBIs. A really enjoyable read.' Barrie Pearson, Livingstone Guarantee 'An excellent insight into the changing world of venture capital and private equity.' Charles Richardson, Director of Corporate Affairs, 3i How should entrepreneurs and company managers seeking capital go about the task, and what can they expect if they are successful? What do private equity investors look for in the companies they back? What are the lessons from the successes and (equally important) the failures of the past? And should politicians and financial regulators be concerned about the huge investment funds now being assembled to invest in private equity in Europe? The answers to all of these question can be found in this book.

Peter Temple has worked in or written about the investment world for nearly 30 years. An economist and statistician by training, he spent 18 years as a fund manager and analyst before moving to full-time writing and journalism in 1988. Peter now writes on a freelance basis for a variety of publications, including: the Financial Times, Investors Chronicle, Mail on Sunday, Analyst and International Fund Management. He is the author of a number of books, including Getting Started in Shares and The Online Investor. He has lived and worked in London since 1970 and is a diploma member of the Securities Institute, a former member of the London Stock Exchange and an Associate of the Institute of Investment Management and Research.
What They Do and Why It Matters.

How They Developed.

Why Their Deals Succeed or Fail.

Extracting the Value.

The Dealmakers-Who They Are and What They Invest In.

The Investors Behind Them.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Exit Routes-Nailing the Return.

Private Investors and Private Equity.

Private Equity Online.

The European Challenge.

The Secret Multinationals.


IRR Ready Reckoner.

Selected Bibliography.