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Profiting From Big Trends: Using Options to Catch Big Market Moves


The big trading money is found by following the big trends. Veteran trader Price Headley's popular "" advisory has been making big calls for years. Now it's your turn—as you learn Price's powerful system in his full-course video workshop.

People have paid hundreds and traveled far to attend one-day sessions with Price. Now he comes directly to you. This 51/2 hour course with an online support manual is an unmatched value—and a critical link to prospering in today's options or stock market.

Price reveals . . .

  • The techniques he uses to identify stocks destined to make "Big Moves"—before others do.
  • The precise entry/exit rules to apply once these good opportunities are isolated.
  • Methods for trading Headley's proprietary "Acceleration Bands," plus Bollinger Bands, LEAPS for covered call writing, balancing a 20% rise in volatility vs. a 20% rise in price.

Here's your chance to . . .

  • Listen, as the audience asks Price questions you've always wanted to ask an options expert yourself.
  • Learn, as he clearly covers everything you need to implement this winning system—from when to roll your options position (and when not to) to simplified option pricing models and putting the 80/20 rule into action.
  • And prosper consistently, as you skillfully start staying with the "Big Winners" using this powerful program.

The Online Support Manual and thorough coverage make this one of the best training grounds you'll find. Whether you're a new investor—or seasoned options trader—the approach can reap big rewards for you.