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Project Financing: Asset-Based Financial Engineering, 3rd Edition


Praise for the Previous Edition of Project Financing

"Owing to his teaching as a finance professor and as an experienced investment banker, John Finnerty brings to his book, Project Financing, an insightful perspective, blending the theoretical with the practical."
—Zoltan Merszei, former chairman, president, and CEO, The Dow Chemical Company

"Finnerty has managed to distill the complexities of project financing with its myriad components and variations. Clear, practical, and in-depth, Project Financing is a valuable user's guide for project sponsors, regulators, host governments (local and foreign), and financiers alike."
—Ricardo M. Campoy, former director, Kilgore Minerals Ltd.

"Project Financing warrants a place in the essential libraries of corporate financial managers, their advisors, senior strategists, bankers, large private investors, government officials, and anyone who aspires to master innovation in corporate finance."
—Robert F. Bruner, Dean and Charles C. Abbott Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

"This book is the first comprehensive treatment of project financing. It provides an invaluable contribution to financial management literature and practice."
—Andrew H. Chen, Distinguished Professor of Finance, Edwin L. Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University

John D. Finnerty, PhD, is Professor of Finance at Fordham University's Graduate School of Business and served as the founding director of the MS in Quantitative Finance Program. He is also Managing Principal of Finnerty Economic Consulting, LLC, which specializes in business valuation, securities valuation, solvency analysis, calculation of damages, and litigation support. Finnerty has testified as an expert in valuation, securities, and other financial matters in federal and state court, and in arbitration and mediation proceedings. His research focuses on corporate finance, including project financing and fixed income securities and derivatives valuation. Finnerty has published thirteen books, including the first and second editions of Project Financing, and more than one hundred articles and professional papers. He is a former president and director of the Fixed Income Analysts Society, and a former president, director, and chair of the trustees of the Eastern Finance Association. Finnerty is a trustee of the Eastern Finance Association and a Director of the Financial Management Association. He was inducted into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Hall of Fame in 2011.

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Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

CHAPTER 1 What Is Project Financing? 1

CHAPTER 2 The Rationale for Project Financing 13

CHAPTER 3 What Is Special about Large Projects? 33

CHAPTER 4 Who Finances Large Projects? 53

CHAPTER 5 Analyzing Project Viability 71

CHAPTER 6 Analysis and Financing of Renewable Energy Projects 91

CHAPTER 7 Designing Security Arrangements 115

CHAPTER 8 Structuring the Project 131

CHAPTER 9 Preparing the Project Financing Plan 151

CHAPTER 10 Discounted Cash Flow Analysis 169

CHAPTER 11 Financial Modeling and Project Evaluation 193

CHAPTER 12 Using Real-Options Analysis to Evaluate a Project 215

CHAPTER 13 Sources of Project Funds 239

CHAPTER 14 Managing Project Risks 271

CHAPTER 15 Sharia-Compliant Project Financing 305

CHAPTER 16 Issues for the Host Government 331

CHAPTER 17 Case Study: The Indiantown Cogeneration Project 347

CHAPTER 18 Case Study: The Tribasa Toll Road Project 377

CHAPTER 19 Case Study: The Euro Disneyland Project 397

CHAPTER 20 Case Study: The Eurotunnel Project 429

CHAPTER 21 Conclusion 457

APPENDIX A Comparative Terms of Selected Projects 463

APPENDIX B Other Examples of Project Financings 477

APPENDIX C Legal Investment Requirements Governing New York Life Insurance Companies 491

Notes 497

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