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Property Entrepreneur: The Wealth Dragon Way to Build a Successful Property Business


The Wealth Dragon Way to Build a Successful Property Business

"An open and realistically encouraging book for helping property investors formulate their strategies to win in the market and understand how to become even more successful."
—Edward Winfield, Head of Global Accounts, Vodafone Northern Europe

"As an entrepreneurially-minded property developer, I cannot praise Property Entrepreneur enough as a 'must-read' for anyone seeking to build a property investment business. This book is like having a pocket-book mentor. For those either starting out on their property investment journey or even for those with experience, this book is the definitive 'go-to'. My advice is read, re-read and refer to for years to come!"
—Chris Madelin, CEO, Magna Asset Management

"I loved reading Vincent Wong's new book, Property Entrepreneur. As a parent and working mum, I am extremely aware of my responsibility to my children; to teach them well when it comes to investing and becoming 'dealmakers' – the kind of stuff that isn't taught at school. My creative eyes have definitely been opened in a different way as Vincent's use of language truly hits home when it comes to sourcing deals (big or small) under 'the new rules'. This is perfect reading for those with an investment fire in their belly, regardless of their age or background."
—Angie Greaves, Magic Radio Presenter and Mentor; Founder of "Feeling Fab Productions"

"Vincent Wong's Property Entrepreneur offers an easy-to-navigate and essential insight into 'the business of property'. This book has arrived on our shelves at the perfect time, and is particularly relevant for the First Time Buyer market and enterprising young people seeking to get their feet on the property ladder. A must-read!"
—Amber Strong, Plymouth University, Futures Entrepreneurship Centre


"As a former athlete, I am 100% supportive of those who show true commitment and dedication within any aspect of their life. None a truer phrase has been written when referring to John Lee and Vincent Wong and their new book, The Wealth Dragon Way. This book is a must-read for anyone who seeks something 'more' in life; from a happier personal life to financial riches. The Wealth Dragon Way celebrates every form of success and I hope that people from all walks of life will benefit from John and Vincent's passionate and relevant content."
—John Herbert, British Olympian; CEO, Cre8 Life Style Centre, London

VINCENT WONG, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Wealth Dragons Group PLC, is one of the UK's most dynamic and well-respected property entrepreneurs. As well as building his own multi-million-pound property portfolio, Vincent has helped countless people source and structure deals. At the height of the financial crisis, Vincent pioneered the use of lease-option deals for purchasing residential property, revolutionizing the way that people could buy and sell property. He now teaches his property investment techniques in seminars around the world.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

About the Author xiii

Introduction: My Property Journey 1

Part I The Old Deal

Chapter 1 The History Of Property 9

Chapter 2 Traditional Property Investing 17

Chapter 3 Who Wants To Be A Property Investor? 21

Part II The New Deal

Chapter 4 What’s Wrong With The Old Deal? 41

Chapter 5 Understanding The New Deal 47

Chapter 6 Starting Your Property Business 59

Chapter 7 A Systemized Business Is A Successful Business 65

Chapter 8 Seven Dealmaking Strategies 93

Chapter 9 Dealing With Objections 129

Chapter 10 The Seven Golden Rules For Property Entrepreneurs 139

Part III The Real Deal

Chapter 11 Probate Property In Leeds 147

Chapter 12 Property With Registered Charges Against It In Stanmore 151

Chapter 13 Urgent Sale Needed To Clear Debts In Birmingham 157

Chapter 14 From BMV To Lease-Option Deal In Liverpool 163

Chapter 15 Urgent Lease-Option Deal In Lincoln 167

Chapter 16 Lease-Option Deal On Dilapidated Property In Sheffield 169

Chapter 17 Part Now, Part Later Deal On Probate Property In Barnsley 173

Chapter 18 The Dutch Deals 175

Final Word: The Future Of The Property Business - Your Role 183

Index 187