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Quantitative Investment Analysis, Book and Workbook Set, 3rd Edition


Comprehensive coverage of quantitative investment analysis methods with hands-on practice

Quantitative Investment Analysis, Third Edition is a comprehensive guide to the complex world of investment analysis. With full coverage of a range of quantitative methods, this book and workbook set blends theory and practice to introduce statistics within the context of finance and investments, and provides hands-on practice to facilitate deeper understanding. Learning Outcome Statements at the beginning of each chapter help you avoid missing key information, and chapter summaries help consolidate the material into a cohesive process for better retention. Coverage includes probability and probability distributions, sampling and estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, time-series analysis and more, and the workbook provides a multitude of practice problems to reinforce the material. An online instructor's manual brings this practitioner-oriented set into the classroom, giving students a real-world introduction to finance quantitation methods.

Investment professionals apply a broad range of statistical and quantitative methods, and students benefit from learning these methods in the context within which they'll be using them. This set is the ideal companion for learning investment analysis, with authoritative instruction and the ever-crucial real-world practice.

  • Review each topic quickly with concise summaries
  • Test your understanding with topic-specific problems
  • Practice key techniques before applying them in the real world
  • Develop an intuitive understanding of quantitative methods

Evenness of subject matter treatment, consistency of mathematical notation, and continuity of topic coverage are critical to the learning process, and current references and examples help students grasp the relevancy of what they're learning. Quantitative Investment Analysis, Third Edition continues to excel at these points, making it an invaluable resource for students and investment professionals alike.