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Reinventing Professional Services: Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace



The business of providing professional advice is changing. Today, anyone can go online and access a wealth of information about practically any topic, from legal and medical guidance to financial planning and accounting suggestions. As Ari Kaplan explains in Reinventing Professional Services: Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace, this new challenge is far less daunting for the savvy businessperson than it at first appears. By following a few easy steps, such as increasing your web presence and more effectively distinguishing yourself from your competitors, success is within your grasp.

"Packed with creative insights and practical advice, this is a must-have handbook for every service professional who wants to prosper in the digital age."—Alex Terry, General Manager, Zoomerang Online Surveys & Polls

"Reinventing Professional Services offers valuable advice to all professionals looking to build their business during this period of unprecedented technological change. From the growth of consumer review websites, to the explosion of social media, professionals of all stripes are having their conventional wisdom rewritten. This book is an essential guide."—Spencer Rascoff, CEO, Zillow

"There is a dramatic shift occurring in professional services and Ari Kaplan artfully characterizes that evolution. This book combines innovative perspectives with action-oriented ideas to provide a powerful road map for success."—Warren Struhl, cofounder, Dale & Thomas Popcorn, and author, Starting Them Up

Ari Kaplan is a business strategist who spent nearly nine years practicing law with large firms in New York City. He provides copywriting services, as well as training on communications, career growth, business development, publishing and networking. Mr. Kaplan is the author of a book on standing out and creating opportunity. He has appeared on CNN, been featured in a variety of newspapers nationwide, and has written more than two hundred articles for a wide range of national and international publications.

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Introduction: The Rise of the White Collar Hustler and Your Path to Practical Innovation.

Chapter 1: Finding Your Way in a More Informal, Instant World.

Chapter 2: Innovators Adapt, and You Should Too.

Chapter 3: Recognize the Resiliency Revolution and Join it to Grow Your Practice.

Chapter 4: Students Have Everything to Gain from the White Collar Hustle.

Chapter 5: Know Your Clients and Patients Because They Expect You To.

Chapter 6: Putting Your Practice through a Wind Tunnel Will Blow You Away.

Chapter 7: It's a Small Street, So Befriend Your Neighbors.

Chapter 8: Networking is Dead; Long Live Networking.

Chapter 9: Proactive Professionals Pay Attention to Progress.

Chapter 10: When You’re Allergic to Wool, Wear Cotton or Suffer for Your Entire Career.

Chapter 11: Meet Your Clients and Patients Directly.

Chapter 12: Mailing Lists, the Media, and Making Mistakes.

Chapter 13: Forget Technology, Remember Others to Build True Relationships.

Chapter 14: The Foundation for Follow-Up is Easy to Establish.

Conclusion: Cultivating Community



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