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Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Illustrated Edition


After 20 years and many re-reads, Reminiscences is still one of my all-time favorites.
–Kenneth L. Fisher, Forbes

Edwin Lefèvre was trained as a mining engineer, but became a journalist at age nineteen. He produced eight books, including The Making of a Stockbroker, during his 53-year writing career. He is a celebrated finance author made famous by his publication of the fictionalized story of Jesse Livermore, which first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post in 1922.


I. The Biggest Plunger Wall Street Ever Saw: June 10, 1922.

II. The Boy Trader Beats the Bucket Shops: June 17, 1922.

III. I Was Dead Right-I Lost Ever Cent I Had: July 1, 1922.

IV. The Quarter Million Dollar Hunch: July 15, 1922.

V. My Day of Days: August 12, 1922.

VI. No Man Living  Can Beat the Stock Market: Sept. 2, 1922.

VII. Playing Another Man's Game: Sept 16, 1922.

VIII. $1 Million in Debt; $1 Million Repaid: Oct. 7, 1922.

IX. Black Cats and Irresistible Impulses: Oct. 21, 1922.

X. The Coffee Corner and the Price Fixing Committee: Dec. 16, 1922.

XI. Why the Public Always Loses: May 19, 1923.

XII. Kings, Paupers, and the Hazards of the Game: May 26, 1923.

Publisher's Postscript.