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Rich is a Religion: Breaking the Timeless Code to Wealth


Praise for Rich Is a Religion

"If you believe as I do that personal relationships are everything, then you must read Mark Stevens's new book, Rich Is a Religion. He brilliantly shares, and you will learn how to best develop relationships with your money and enjoy your life! Give yourself a huge 'hug' and read this exciting book today!"
—Jack Mitchell, CEO, Mitchells/Richards/Marshs, and author of Hug Your Customers and Hug Your People

"Mark Stevens's visionary approach to wealth-building will change the way you think about personal and business finance. If you want to navigate the road to riches, you'll want to use Stevens as your North Star."
—Herb Vest, CEO,

"Mark Stevens has poked, prodded, and challenged the wisdom of convention and created a road map to wealth! Mark has the uncanny ability to hear the whispers of the universe translate them into life lessons for all. A must-read for young people! Finally, a book that provides practical advice on how to acquire and manage wealth!"
—Rick Connors, President and CEO, AdminServer, and former chief marketing officer of The MONY Group

Mark Stevens, now a multimillionaire, had to support his mother and sister as a teenager with $84 when his father died suddenly. Stevens is CEO of MSCO, Inc., a results-driven management and marketing firm. His blog, Unconventional Thinking, has been rated among the top 10 blogs in the world by He has written several bestselling titles, including Your Marketing Sucks, Your Management Sucks, and God Is a Salesman.

First, A Foundation and a Firewall.

Chapter 1: The Epiphany.

Chapter 2: The Vision.

Chapter 3: The Invisible.

Chapter 4: Fairy Tale Finance.

Chapter 5: The Congregation.

Chapter 6: The Atheists of the Religion of the Rich.

Chapter 7: The Paradoxical Secret.

Chapter 8: The Real Value.

Chapter 9: The Metamorphosis.

Epilogue: Dividing Day.

Appendix: The Unconventional Wisdom of the Religion of the Rich: A Collection of Blogs.

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