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Screening the Market: A Four-Step Method to Find, Analyze, Buy and Sell Stocks


An Accessible and Systematic Stock Screening Method to Improve Profits


"Marc Gerstein turns the chancy art of picking stocks into a screen-based science. Next time someone tells you to do your stock market homework, tell them you read this book."
–Thom Calandra, Editor in Chief,

"Many times on my radio show my listeners ask what they can read to help them with their investing. Marc has hit the nail on the head with his four-step method to find, analyze, buy, and, the hardest part for many investors, when to sell stocks. I will now recommend Screening the Market as a must-read for all investors, beginning to advanced."
–Brent Wilsey, Host of Smart Investing, KFMB AM 760
San Diego, California

"A must-read for investors looking to dissect the stock market and find winning stocks. Gerstein simplifies the seemingly complex process of screening stocks, a key tool of the pros, to make it accessible for all investors."
–Matt Krantz, Reporter, USA Today

MARC H. GERSTEIN is the Director of Investment Research at Multex. Prior to that, he was in the research and editorial department at Value Line. Over the course of two decades, he has analyzed stocks across a wide variety of industries and sectors, including household products, specialty retail, restaurant, mining, energy, hotel/gaming, home building, airlines, railroads, and media. Gerstein appears periodically on CNNfn, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV and is often quoted in USA Today,, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Daily News, and Money Online.


CHAPTER 1: It Sounds Good, But . . . .

CHAPTER 2: A Winning Mind-Set.

CHAPTER 3: A Four-Step Method to Screen the Market.

STEP ONE: Find...a Group of Stocks Worthy of Further Study.

CHAPTER 4: Dogs versus Gems.

CHAPTER 5: Screening Applications.

CHAPTER 6: The Building Blocks: Creating Screening Tests.

CHAPTER 7: Screening Your Personal Stock Market.

CHAPTER 8: Sharpening the Focus.

CHAPTER 9: Your Virtual Research Staff.

STEP TWO: Analyze...a Specific Company and Its Stock.

CHAPTER 10: Managing the Unmanageable.

CHAPTER 11: Developing the Investment Story.

STEP THREE: Buy...the Best of the Stocks That Pass Muster.

CHAPTER 12: The Learning Curve.

CHAPTER 13: Analysis Keys.

CHAPTER 14: Decision Paths.

STEP FOUR: Sell...Stocks That, after Review, No Longer Seem Suitable.

CHAPTER 15: The Hard Part.

CHAPTER 16: Encore.


CHAPTER 17: Benefits of the Four-Step Market Screening Method.