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Securing Your Superannuation Future: How to Start and Run a Self Managed Super Fund


Find Out if an SMSF is Right for You

Are you thinking about setting up a self managed superannuation fund but unsure where to start? Are you worried that you're not maximising all the benefits an SMSF offers? In Securing Your Superannuation Future, Daryl Dixon offers practical, easy-to-understand tools and strategies to help you set up and run your own super fund.

More Australians than ever are deciding to take control of their super, and Daryl's insights go beyond the standard requirements for running an SMSF. He reveals many tax-saving tips and practical steps to work through important decisions such as:

  • Do you need professional assistance to run your fund?
  • Who should be the trustees and members of your SMSF?
  • What steps should you take to build your super in a tax-effective way?
  • How do you construct your SMSF investment portfolio?
  • When and how should you access your super?
  • How can you maximise the amount of super you pass on to your beneficiaries?

Daryl Dixon has provided advice on super, tax, investments and social security issues to personal clients for more than 25 years. He regularly contributes to newspapers and magazines, such as The Canberra Times and Smart Investor, while continuing to run his own consultancy firm, Dixon Advisory.
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