Securities Operations: A Guide to Trade and Position Management


A much needed work in the field. Simmons' book should become compulsory reading for those working in securities operations and settlements. This book is certainly one of the best references in the area. Dr Marcelo Cruz, CEO, RiskMaths

"A thorough and long overdue insight into the world of securities processing written in everyday language which will appeal to everyone from operations professionals to executive management. The book will find itself on many bookshelves in offices around the world." Kevin Milne, Executive Managing Director, Omgeo

"By applying a clear considered approach that draws upon the author's own experiences and offers real-life examples of the costs and risks of getting it wrong', this book gives the reader a solid foundation in all operational aspects of a high-profile and evolving industry." David Tarling, WestLB

The operational activities that follow a trade are an important and essential part of the securities industry's business. Written by an author with many years experience within this sector, Securities Operations: A Guide to Trade Position Management sets out to demystify the subject and provides a thorough, step-by-step introduction to securities operations.

Securities Operations: A Guide to Trade and Position Management is a comprehensive source for understanding operational processing of securities. Explaining in detail both the individual components their relation to each other within the operations process, the reader will gain a clear and thorough understanding of the subject, and in particular the potential risks involved and strategies to mitigate them.

Securities Operations: A Guide to Trade and Position Management is essential reading for all those involved in the securities industry, from new recruits to those involved in both the day-to-day operations process and those within executive management. It will also be of value to those providing consultancy and software solutions to investment banks.

MICHAEL SIMMONS has spent the majority of his working life within the operational areas of stockbroking and international investment banking firms, most notably with the S.G. Warburg group in London. Having gained a detailed understanding of various back office tasks through many years of hands-on experience, he assumed managerial responsibility for a number of operational areas.

In recent years, Michael has worked for Wilco International in London (part of the ADP group of companies, headquartered in the U.S., suppliers of software systems to the global financial community), where he heads up a team of securities industry specialists. Michael's area of expertise includes the analysis of the business needs of companies operating in various capacities within the securities industry and in different geographical locations. In addition, he has created and runs training courses on the workings of the securities industry and associated operational aspects to audiences around the world.
Essential Trading and Settlement Concepts.

The Securities Marketplace.

Bringing Securities to the Securities Marketplace.

Structure of a Securities Trading Organisation.

Transaction Types.

Security Forms.

Security Types

Trade Cash Value Calculation

Static Data

The Trade Lifecycle and Straight Through Processing

Trade Execution and Capture.

Trade Enrichment.

Trade Validation.

Trade Confirmation.

Trade Agreement

Transaction Reporting.

Settlement Instructions.

The Role of the Custodian

Pre-Value Date Settlement Instruction Statuses

Settlement Failure

Trade Settlement

Reflecting Trade Settlement Internally

Position and Trade Related Operations


Securities Lending & Borrowing.

Safe Custody

Corporate Actions



Objectives and Initiatives