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Service Selling: A Guide to Increasing Sales and Profits in Consumer Financial Services


A guide to improving sales and profits in consumer financial services that stresses the development of a sales and service culture. The key principles discussed are interaction with customers, cultural support and values, service from the customer's point of view, service selling, characteristics of successful sales organizations, star sales people, perfecting the sales process, dealing with prospective clients, and ongoing interaction with the client.

What Business Are You In?.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be In Business?.

What Is Service?.

Service Selling.

The Six Characteristics of an Effective Sales Organization.

What Do Star Salespeople Do?.

Making the Sales Process Flawless.

Meeting Prospective Clients for the First Time.

Interacting with Clients--Delivering the Goods.

Growing Your Business Through Referrals.

Selected Bibliography.

Do You Have Any Comments?.