Seven Years to Seven Figures: The Fast-Track Plan to Becoming a Millionaire


Praise for Seven Years to Seven Figures

"When Michael Masterson gives advice, I pay attention, and you should too."
—John Mauldin, bestselling author of Bull's Eye Investing

In Seven Years to Seven Figures, self-made multimillionaire Michael Masterson lays out a compelling and workable plan for becoming financially independent in seven years—perhaps even sooner.

Whether you're a decade away from retirement or fresh out of college, this book will show you:

  • Why the much-touted "pinch-and-save" method of wealth building can't work for most people

  • The four levels of wealth and which one you should aim for

  • Eight ways to create a second stream of income

  • How real estate investing can dramatically increase your net worth and why you should get into it in 2008 and 2009

  • Getting smart and connected people to guide you, help you avoid common mistakes, and create profitable shortcuts to success

  • And much more

In Seven Years to Seven Figures, Masterson expands upon the principles and expert advice he provides to hundreds of thousands of readers each morning at

Read Seven Years to Seven Figures today. . . then get continuing up-to-the-minute advice for free by reading It will take you only five minutes each morning, but it will help you achieve a seven-figure net worth in seven years!

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Foreword by Steve Sjuggerud.


Part I. Seven Years to Seven Figures: Is It Really Possible?

Chapter One. What the Heck Do I know?

Chapter Two. Are You Ready for Wealth?

Part II. Eight Stories, Eight Successes.

Chapter Three. Audrey Maxwell: How a Good Employee Can Become a Great Partner, Build a Dream House, and Become a Millionaire in Seven Years.

Chapter Four. Alan Silver: Converting Selling Skills into Millions of Dollars of Equity in Five Years.

Chapter Five. Bruce Buffer: Giving Up a Six-Figure Income to Generate a Seven-Figure Net Worth.

Chapter Six. Justin Ford: Achieving a Radical Financial Transformation—How to Go from Bankruptcy to Millionaire in Six Years.

Chapter Seven. Ken Morris: Coming to America and Casting in on the American Dream—From $10,000 to $10,000,000.

Chapter Eight. Monica Day: Getting Started—How to Boost Your Income from $26,000 to $134.000 in Two Years.

Chapter Nine. David Keller: You Don't Need a Medical Degree to Make a Million Dollars.

Chapter Ten. Brad Solomon: Even Accountants Can Get Rich—How to Hit $4 Million in Six Years.

Part III. Why You Must Act Now.

Chapter Eleven. The Baby Boomer Challenge: Why 50- and 60-Year-Olds Must Follow the Seven Years to Seven Figures Plan.

Chapter Twelve. Lessons from Life: What I’ve Learned about Building Wealth Quickly.