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Small Business Taxes For Dummies


Learn to:

  • Create an ongoing tax routine for your business
  • Deal with the IRS and navigate audits and notices
  • Implement practical strategies and stay up-to-speed on tax laws

Are you a small business owner taxed by taxes?

Not keeping up with tax rules and strategies can lead to mistakes that cost business owners thousands of dollars in higher taxes, fines, and penalties every year. Small Business Taxes For Dummies arms both current and aspiring small business owners with all the tax planning information they need to save time and money. Discover how to prepare your own tax documents, understand your rights and obligations, and much more.

  • Get down to the basics — find out why it's important to plan for your taxes year-round, and get strategies that can help reduce them
  • Go for the long haul — keep track of your business revenue and expenses, understand federal income tax filing options, and deal with IRS audits and notices
  • Ask for help — stay on the pulse of emerging tax rules and strategies; tap into IRS resources; utilize software; and find tax advisors who can help you with specific issues, including completing and filing tax forms
  • Ten taxing truths — discover ten often overlooked tax reduction opportunities, as well as ten resources to turn to after you've completed this book

Open the book and find:

  • The lowdown on business entities, retirement accounts, and other tax-related basics
  • How to keep track of your revenues and costs
  • Form 1040 filing options
  • The scoop on using the home office deduction
  • Step-by-step info on completing important tax forms
  • Commonly used tactics for reducing taxes
  • Ways to minimize your chances of being audited
  • Pointers for getting tax help

Eric Tyson, MBA, is an internationally acclaimed and bestselling personal finance book author, syndicated columnist, and speaker. He has worked with and taught people from all financial situations, so he knows the financial concerns and questions of real folks.

Introduction 1

Part I: Tax Basics 5

Chapter 1: Small Business Taxes 101 7

Chapter 2: Making Important Business Decisions 19

Chapter 3: Retirement Accounts and Investments for Small Businesses 41

Chapter 4: Real Estate and Your Small Business 71

Chapter 5: Estate Planning 83

Part II: Ongoing Tax Jobs 97

Chapter 6: Keeping Track of Your Small Business Revenues and Costs 99

Chapter 7: Form 1040 Filing Options 109

Chapter 8: Schedules C and C-EZ 139

Chapter 9: The Business Use of Your Home 159

Chapter 10: Estimated Taxes, Self-Employment Taxes, and Other Common Forms 171

Part III: Getting Help 185

Chapter 11: Dealing with Notices and Audits 187

Chapter 12: Keeping Up with and Researching Tax Strategies and Rules 217

Chapter 13: Paying for Tax Help 225

Part IV: The Part of Tens 237

Chapter 14: (Almost) Ten Often Overlooked Tax Reduction Opportunities 239

Chapter 15: Ten Resources to Turn to After Reading This Book 245

Index 249