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Small Stocks, Big Money: Interviews With Microcap Superstars


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"Drawn from his collective experience with business gurus and his firsthand interactions with people who have built great companies and high-growth sectors of the U.S. economy, this book should serve as every entrepreneur's reference guide. Each chapter elucidates a seminal business figure and helps you to tap into the background, the thinking process, and the economic environment surrounding these hallmark business decisions. You often hear about how business gurus and tycoons find, create, or build great companies—but Small Stocks, Big Money takes you there with context and insight."
—PANNA SHARMA, Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Genetics

"I like this book. It is thoughtful, well written, and interesting for both professional investors and those who want to learn how the pros make millions with small stocks. Excellent work by a man who is one of the top consultants in the microcap space."
—CLIFF TELLER, Head of Investment Banking, Maxim Group

"Having worked with Dave and the RedChip team, I'm not surprised at the high quality of this book. It's intelligently written, thoughtful, and tells the story of risk from the unique perspective of someone who is a legitimate expert in the microcap space."

"Small Stocks, Big Money is a wonderful read for anyone who wants to learn about the world of small stocks and the people who play in them. I have watched RedChip grow to become one of the top firms in the world serving smaller-cap companies. Praise for Dave Gentry and RedChip."
—BARRY SLOANE, CEO and Chairman, Newtek Business Services, NASDAQ: NEWT

"Small Stocks, Big Money is a compelling look into the volatile and never-dull world of microcaps. Dave Gentry is a first-rate writer and a class act. Read the book if you want to know who the real players in the industry are."
—DARRIN M. OCASIO, ESQ., Senior Partner, Sichenzia, Ross, Friedman, Ference LLP

DAVE GENTRY is the CEO of RedChip Companies Inc., an international investor relations, media, and research firm focused on smaller-cap stocks, as well as founder of The RedChip Money Report, a weekly financial news show broadcasted on Fox Business, Bloomberg Europe, and Bloomberg Asia. He has been a consultant to more than 400 public and private companies and is a nationally recognized thought leader in the microcap sector.

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CHAPTER 1: Microcap Stocks, the Neglected Asset Class 3


CHAPTER 2: Michael Corbett 13

Perritt’s Investment Paradigm 14

Perritt Capital Management Top Stock Positions 20

CHAPTER 3: Bill Hench 25

Royce Opportunity Funds Top 10 Positions 32

CHAPTER 4: Dr. Phil Frost 33

Phillip Frost Top Stock Positions 40

CHAPTER 5: Dave Maley 43

Maley’s Favorite Stock: RealNetworks, Inc. (RNWK) 51

Ariel Top Stock Positions 53

CHAPTER 6: John Pappajohn 57

Horatio Alger Award 65

John Pappajohn Top Stock Positions 66

CHAPTER 7: Byron Roth 67

CHAPTER 8: Charles Diker 75

Charles Diker Top Stock Positions 79

CHAPTER 9: Phil Sassower 83

Phil Sassower Top Stock Positions 89

CHAPTER 10: Barry Honig 91

The Interclick Story 93

The Story of MusclePharm 95

The Story of Pershing Gold 97

RantMedia 100

VBI Vaccines (NASDAQ: VBIV) 100

Drone Aviation (OTCQB: DRNE) 101

Barry Honig Top Stock Positions 102

CHAPTER 11: Manny Villafana 103

There Is Something of the Horatio Alger Story in Villafana’s Life 104

Manny Villafana Top Stock Positions 111

CHAPTER 12: Buzz Heidkte 113

CHAPTER 13: Greg Sichenzia 119

Appendix A: Stock List 123

Appendix B: RedChip’s Top Microcap Stock Picks 127

Appendix C: Lessons from RedChip Nation: Weekly Newsletter 149

Appendix D: Microcap Indexes 165

Appendix E: Glossary of Wall Street Terms 169

Appendix F: Twenty-Five Financial and Business Books Worth Reading 173

About the Author 175

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