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Smart Momentum: The Future of Predictive Analysis in the Financial Markets


Smart momentum is a revolutionary discipline that opens a new dimension in financial analysis. Starting from first principles, this book carefully explains a new logical approach to market analysis now available thanks to the advances in computer technology. The applications are enormous: smart momentum can be applied to many existing analysis techniques in any market.
Smart momentum is not a black box, but a simple process based on logical intuition. It is both democratic and dynamic, continually adapting to changes in market characteristics. Neatly split into two parts and easy to understand, this book caters for those who want only to understand the concept of smart momentum as well as those who wish to apply the analysis directly.
These techniques provide the basis for a new generation of financial analysis. This book is a must for every finance professional.

HUGH CLARK is co-founder and Director of TIR Currency Management Limited which manages currency funds on behalf of institutional investors. With many years experience at directorial level, his previous roles have included Director of Inverlat International Limited and Global Head of Derivative Research with Baring Securities Limited. He holds an MA (Hons) degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.


Momentum Preliminaries.

Indicator Creation.

Indicator Selection.

Indicator Combination.

System Maintenance.

Risk Management.



Spreadsheet Preliminaries.

How to Apply Indicator Creation.

How to Apply Indicator Selection.

How to Apply Indicator Combination.

Performance and Maintenance.

Appendix 1: Excel Functions.

Appendix 2: Indicator Variations.