Sniper Trading: Essential Short-Term Money-Making Secrets for Trading Stocks, Options and Futures


Your Guide to Earning Consistent Profits on Short-Term Investments

Fine-tune your trading skills to the point that you'll know where the market will go and when it will get there-with Sniper Trading: Essential Short-Term Money-Making Secrets for Trading Stocks, Options, and Futures. Renowned trader George Angell shows you how to spot the best opportunities, capitalize on them, and get out of the market in one quick shot-just like other "sniper" traders.

Sniper Trading offers three specific approaches to the market: support and resistance, time and price, and day of the week-then shows you how to utilize this information to:
* Create buying and selling "zones"
* Measure market symmetry
* Take a macro view of the market
* Develop an array of short-term trading techniques

. . . all of which will help improve the bottom line of your short-term trades.

Filled with numerous examples, helpful charts, and proven trading strategies and systems, Sniper Trading is your complete guide to short-term trading whether you're interested in stocks, options, or futures. From the basics of short-term trading to the psychology behind it, Sniper Trading gives you the ability to understand market patterns, master the discipline needed to utilize this hard-won knowledge, and come out with measurable profits.

GEORGE ANGELL is the author of eight books on trading including the bestselling Winning in the Futures Market and Sure-Thing Options Trading. In addition, Angell lectures on the futures and options markets and creates software, audio, and videotapes on trading strategy. He has been a guest on CNBC and CBS television as well as numerous radio shows. He spent ten years as a floor trader and is a graduate of New York University. Angell divides his time between trading and lecturing, writing, and consulting on the markets.


Introduction -
The Trade that Got Away.

Learning to Trade -
The Basics.

Time and Price -
Sniper Trading.

Support and Resistance -
How to Identify Buy and Sell Zones.

Day of the Week Trading -
Why the Market Trades as it Does.

The Psychological Game of Trading -
Why Some Traders Win and Others Lose.