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Social Security For Dummies, 2nd Edition


  • Get the benefits you have earned
  • Navigate the complex rules and system
  • Find the right resources when you're stumped

A helpful guide to Social Security benefits

Confused or uncertain about Social Security? This friendly, easy-to-understand guide cuts through the complexities and gives you the practical information you need to navigate Social Security, get all the benefits you are owed, and make informed decisions about retirement. It also explains how Social Security and Medicare work together to help with healthcare costs.


  • Explanations of Social Security's rules
  • How to use Social Security calculators
  • Advice on when to collect
  • Details on disability benefits
  • How to help a loved one apply for benefits

Jonathan Peterson is Executive Communications Director at AARP and an award-winning journalist. He is a former Washington correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. During his news career, he covered the White House, state and national political campaigns, and various facets of U.S. domestic and economic policy.