Socially Responsible Finance and Investing: Financial Institutions, Corporations, Investors, and Activists


The Robert W. Kolb Series in Finance is an unparalleled source of information dedicated to the most important issues in modern finance. Each book focuses on a specific topic in the field of finance and contains contributed chapters from both respected academics and experienced financial professionals. As part of the Robert W. Kolb Series in Finance, Socially Responsible Finance and Investing aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the essential elements associated with this growing discipline.

Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Socially Responsible Finance and Investing takes a wide-ranging view of this ever-evolving area of finance and offers multiple perspectives on issues regarding both its theory and practice.

Comprising four informative parts, this timely guide touches on everything from stakeholder analysis and social entrepreneurship to the historical development of SRI, its investment performance, and predictions about its future. Along the way, it also provides important coverage of topics including the impact of social concerns on financial activities as well as the role of governance in CSR. Written with both experienced professionals and serious financial students in mind, this reliable resource puts socially responsible finance and investing in perspective. It skillfully details the current state of research in this area and offers practical guidance on applying the information found here in real-world situations.

Socially Responsible Finance and Investing contains the latest thinking in this field from some of today's leading practitioners and academics. Engaging and accessible, this book provides a firm understanding of what it will really take to excel at this difficult endeavor.

H. KENT BAKER, PhD, CFA, CMA, is University Professor of Finance and Kogod Research Professor at the Kogod School of Business at American University, Washington, D.C. As one of the most prolific finance academics, he has published 16 books, and more than 150 refereed articles in such publications as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Financial Management, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Portfolio Management, and Harvard Business Review. He has consulting and training experience with more than 100 organizations. Professor Baker holds a BSBA from Georgetown University; MEd, MBA, and DBA degrees from the University of Maryland; and a MA, MS, and two PhDs from American University. He also holds CFA and CMA designations.

JOHN R. NOFSINGER is a Professor of Finance and Nihoul Faculty Fellow at Washington State University. He is one of the world's leading experts in behavioral finance and is a frequent speaker on this topic and socially responsible finance at investment management conferences, universities, and academic conferences. Professor Nofsinger has also published more than 50 articles in scholarly and practitioner journals. His research has appeared in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Business, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Management, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, and many others. Professor Nofsinger earned a PhD in finance from Washington State University.

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1 Socially Responsible Finance and Investing: An Overview 1
H. Kent Baker and John R. Nofsinger

PART I Foundations and Key Concepts 15

2 Stakeholder Analysis 17
Lloyd S. Kurtz

3 Corporate Social Responsibility 39
Heather Elms and Michelle Westermann-Behaylo

4 Business Models and Social Entrepreneurship 55
Michael A. Pirson

5 Fiduciary and Other Legal Duties 69
Benjamin J. Richardson

6 International and Cultural Views 87
Astrid Juliane Salzmann

PART II Finance and Society 109

7 Social, Environmental, and Trust Issues in Business and Finance 111
Christoph F. Biehl, Andreas G. F. Hoepner, and Jianghong Liu

8 Religion and Finance 143
Luc Renneboog and Christophe Spaenjers

9 Social Finance and Banking 161
Olaf Weber and Yayun Duan

10 Managerial Compensation 181
Kose John and Samir Saadi

11 Externalities in Financial Decision Making 197
Janis Sarra

12 Real Estate and Society 213
Piet Eichholtz and Nils Kok

13 Federal Housing Policies and the Recent Financial Crisis 239
Ronnie J. Phillips and Kenneth Spong

14 Predatory Lending and Socially Responsible Investors 257
Christopher L. Peterson

15 Use and Misuse of Financial Secrecy in Global Banking 275
Ingo Walter

PARTIII Corporate Engagement 297

16 Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance 299
Lorenzo Sacconi

17 Measuring Responsibility to the Different Stakeholders 323
Amir Rubin and Eran Rubin

18 Corporate Philanthropy 341
Janet Kiholm Smith

19 Institutional Investor Activism 359
Diane Del Guercio and Hai Tran

20 Social Activism and Nongovernmental Organizations 381
Jonathan P. Doh and Deborah Zachar

PART IV Socially Responsible Investing 403

21 Corporate Socially Responsible Investments 405
John R. Becker-Blease

22 SRIMutual Fund and Index Performance 425
Halil Kiymaz

23 Performance Implications of SR Investing: Past versus Future 443
Nadja Guenster

24 Money-Flows of Socially Responsible Investment Funds around theWorld 455
Luc Renneboog, Jenke Ter Horst, and Chendi Zhang

Answers to Chapter Discussion Questions 479

Index 503