Sold Short: Uncovering Deception in the Markets


A revealing exposé by one of today's most controversial and successful short sellers

According to a 1998 New York Times article, "Satanism has a better reputation in financial circles than does short-selling . . . The controversy over Mr. Asensio is reigniting the debate over short-selling and the role it plays in the stock market, a debate that stretches back to Jesse Livermore." Manuel Asensio has taken this debate to a whole new level, not only short-selling deceptive companies but also researching and publicly exposing them. Each time Asensio practices his type of aggressive short selling he is branded "the Devil's own Trader," but time and again his unpopular assessments have proved dead on the money.

"Sold Short reads like an action-packed and gripping detective story, exposing shocking and criminal tales that make the Hollywood scandal sheets look like a high school pantomime. Asensio is a brave and heroic bullfighter who dares to go up against the global stampede of the wildest bull market. He courageously nails down, one by one, grossly overvalued and corrupt companies."-Tony Shafrazi, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York

"Sold Short is a rip-roaring ride through the netherworld of short selling. Part comedy, part tragedy, part horror flick, Asensio uncovers a world that would be ripe for sitcom portrayal where big-name fund managers dress in drag, buy silly stocks, but (and here's the tragedy) lose millions. If short selling is up your alley, you shouldn't miss this book. And if you'd sooner die than go short, you should read this book to make sure one of your longs isn't made of fool's gold."-Parker Quillen, Quilcap Corp.

Manuel P. Asensio is founder and Chairman of Asensio & Co., Inc. He has over twenty years of corporate finance and research experience. He has been featured in Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, Worth, the New York Times, New York magazine, and the New Republic, among other leading publications. Mr. Asensio received his BS in economics and finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and holds an MBA in investment management from Harvard University Graduate School of Business.
JACK BARTH is a freelance writer and journalist. Mr. Barth's articles have been published in Worth, Spy, Outside, Premiere, and Rolling Stone. In addition, he has written for television, including episodes for The Simpsons and for the Comedy Channel. He is the author of four books: Roadside Elvis, Roadside Hollywood, American Quest, and Roadside America.
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