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Sophie's Flower Shop: A Manual Accounting Practice Set


Sophie’s Flower Shop is a manual accounting practice set intended for students studying introductory accounting and can be used with any introductory textbook. In this practice set, all the steps in the accounting cycle are covered as students are guided through the process of recording transactions for a retail business for the last month of the financial year, completing adjusting and closing entries, and preparing financial statements.


  • A company organisational form
  • A perpetual inventory system
  • An unadjusted trial balance as a starting point
  • One month of transactions for a retail business
  • Students must complete the accounting cycle by preparing adjusting and closing entries

Introduction 1
Company background 1
Accounting system information 1
Instructions 2
Unadjusted trial balance and chart of accounts 3
Subsidiary ledgers 4
Transactions 5
Adjusting entries 6
Journals 7
General journal 8
Cash receipts journal 11
Cash payments journal 12
Sales journal 13
Purchases journal 13
Ledgers 15
Accounts receivable subsidiary ledger 16
Accounts payable subsidiary ledger 17
General ledger 18
Financial statements 27
Worksheet - 30 June 2012 28
Schedules of subsidiary ledgers 30
Income Statement 31
Balance Sheet 32
Post-closing Trial Balance 33