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Stock Market Cycles: How To Use Them for Short and Long Term Profits


Jeff Hirsch, today's top expert on stock market cycles, presents his short-term and long-term market forecasts and describes how he uses cycles to help time the market. Editor of the venerable Stock Trader's Almanac, Hirsch reveals how to interpret stock market history to forecast future movements. He identifies major cycles, including: war and peace; secular bull and bear markets; presidential term cycles; and shorter term seasonal cycles. Given the confluence of cycles, Hirsch forecasts that the Dow Jones average will likely drop below 10,000 through late 2014. After a major rally and then another decline, he believes a secular bull market will emerge around 2018 which could drive the market up five-fold by 2025. Several factors will converge to create this stock market boom later in the decade, including: an end of the war on terror and a period of relative peace; prosperity fueled by an effective public/private economy; a new game-changing technology; and an updraft in inflation. While this forecast may seem extreme, Hirsch shows that it is consistent with past stock market behavior following World War II and the Vietnam War. Hirsch also discusses shorter term cycles, including the "Best Six Months Strategy," which has massively outperformed the overall market for many years as well as what to expect each year of the new presidential term. Viewers will learn:

  • The hottest sectors to trade in during the next several years
  • How the stock market performs each year of the presidential cycle
  • Which are the best months to be in and the best months to be out of the stock market
  • How the stock market performs across all Congressional/Presidential party alignments
  • The likely path of the stock market through 2025

The Hirsch Organization has a long history of accurate forecasts and market-beating returns. In this video, Jeff Hirsch succinctly summarizes his approach and provides a road map to profiting in the market in the years ahead.