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Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire



"Stanley's research does a great job of proving there's a big differencebetween income and net worth. Many pretenders have become very good atgenerating income and enjoying a high standard of living. But take this Stanleygem to the bank: 'Those who are among the least productive in transformingtheir incomes into wealth are in the higher-status occupations.' Don't be agreat pretender, pretending you're doing well when you only look the part.Read this book and find out how to emulate real-deal millionaires."
--Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post

"Contains some surprising data that makes for a convincingargument supporting a simple lifestyle as a path to security."
--Associated Press

"After reading through Stanley's engaging anecdotes about how theother America actually lives, you may come to feel that perhaps you don'tneed to impress the other guy so much. This in itself is no small thing.Your wallet will thank you. And you may end up happier."

Thomas J. Stanley is the bestselling author of The Millionaire Mind and The Millionaire Next Door, which have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. A recognized authority on the lifestyles and behaviors of the affluent,Dr. Stanley is frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, and other major publications. He has appeared numerous times on the Today show, 20/20,and Oprah. Visit Dr. Stanley at

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Chapter 1 The Difference between Being Rich and Acting Rich 1

Chapter 2 Everything You Think about Rich Is Wrong 33

Chapter 3 Do the Shoes Make the Man? 59

Chapter 4 Brother, Do You Have the Time? 83

Chapter 5 Keeping Up with Your Spirits 115

Chapter 6 The Grapes of Wrath 145

Chapter 7 The Road to Happiness 171

Chapter 8 Getting Out of the Poorhouse 209

Chapter 9 All that Glitters Is Not the Millionaire’s Goal 235

Appendix A The Nationwide Search for Millionaires 245

Appendix B The Millionaire Profi le 247

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Acknowledgments 257

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