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Structured Equity Derivatives: The Definitive Guide to Exotic Options and Structured Notes


It has been said that in theory, theory translates into practice, but in practice it never does. This breakthrough book defies this conventional wisdom in a unique way. It is a must read for anyone interested in structuring derivatives products. -- Dr Peter Carr, Principal, Banc of America Securities

"Harry Kat has done a masterful job explaining the world of exotic options and the role that these options play in building structured securities. Dr Kat conveys the essence of these products from the perspective of a very experienced financial engineer but in a fashion that the less experienced reader can easily follow and understand. In this, Dr Kat has shown himself to be a marvellous teacher. I'm confident that this book will prove to be one of the classics to be read by future generations of financial engineers." -- John F. Marshall, Principal, Marshall, Tucker & Associates, and Founding Executive Director, International Association of Financial Engineers

"This is a refreshingly new and different book about putting together structured equity products. It is not a book about deriving formulas but a book about applying formulas. The emphasis on hedging costs and alternative ways of reducing those costs by modifying the structure will be appreciated both by those who actually manufacture and sell these products and those who buy them." -- Don Chance, First Union Professor, Virginia Tech
"This book is about applications, about solving real business problems with derivatives.... Contrary to many other books in the field, the approach is managerial rather than abstractly mathematical, aimed at practitioners instead of applied mathematicians. Professor Kat's book contains all the mathematics required. However, the mathematical aspects play a purely supportive role, not the starring role. Bravo!"
-- Anthony F. Herbst, University of Texas at El Paso, Founding Editor, The Journal of Financial Engineering

"It is certainly a unique book, much more useful that most new books on derivatives. In a nutshell, this book is very creatively done and a great resource for professionals."
-- Mark Rubinstein, Paul Stephens Professor of Applied Investment Analysis, University of California at Berkeley

HARRY M. KAT has over 12 years of experience in global capital markets, lastly as Head of Equity Derivatives Europe at Bank of America in London. Prior to that he was Head of Derivatives Structuring and Marketing at First Chicago in Tokyo and Head of Derivatives Research at MeesPierson in Amsterdam. He holds MBA and PhD degrees in economics and econometrics from the University of Amsterdam and is a member of the editorial board of The Journal of Derivatives and The Journal of Alternative Investments. Dr Kat has published extensively in the field of derivatives in well-known journals such as The Journal of Financial Engineering, The Journal of Derivatives, Applied Mathematical Finance and Risk. He is currently Associate Professor of Finance at the ISMA Centre at the University of Reading (UK), where he lectures on financial engineering and structured derivatives, and acts as a consultant to a select number of asset managers and hedge funds.

The General Framework.

Stocks and Stock Market Indices.

Special Contract Features.

Index-Linked Cash Flows.

Pricing and Hedging.

Improved Efficiency.

Risk Management.

Reducing the Costs of Buying Options.

Equity-Linked Bull Notes.

Raising the Participation Rate.

Market Timing and Non-Bullish Views.

Digital and Coupon Bearing Notes.

Equity-Linked Saving.

Appendix A.

Appendix B.

Appendix C.