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Super Freedom: Create a Worry-Free Financial Future in 6 Steps


Super Freedom is just that ? a guide for women to super. This guide has a strong, aspirational focus on what superannuation can provide for women, regardless of their marital circumstances, age or even their current superannuation balances. For women it?s not so much about the actual amount of super they have, but what they can do with it, eg travel, shop, live.

Throwing aside the shackles of jargon and terminology, Trish Power?s guide to superannuation for women, provides with women with everything they need to know about how much super they need, getting their super set up, how to increase their super balance, how to move into retirement, insurance and estate planning.

About the author vii

Acknowledgements ix

Introduction: Financial freedom is possible xi

Part I It's never too late or too early to create a super future 1

1 Unlocking the super secrets to a wealthy life 3

2 Getting the monkeys off your back: what’s stopping you from taking super control? 11

3 Investing for super beginners 27

4 Your Six-Step Wealth Check: how much money is enough? 43

5 Case study — I'm 52. Is it too late to start saving? 63

Part II You’re on your way to a super plan 75

6 A short course in super: the basics and the best bits 77

7 Doing a little: turn $4500 into $300 000 the easy way 95

8 Doing a lot: making $1 million is possible, but it takes a super plan 113

9 Case studies — four women create $1 million nest eggs 125

Part III The good life beckons — a few more important things to think about 149

10 Boost your super: 15 tips to help you create a worry-free fi nancial future 151

11 What happens when I retire? Super benefi ts, the Age Pension, tax and other stuff 175

12 Next step — fi nancial freedom! 195

Appendix: A short guide to the free calculators, table assumptions and tax rates 199

Glossary 219

Index 229