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Swing Trading Secrets: Inside the Underground Swing Trade Method


Run time: 77 minutes. The secrets of master trader, Jea Yu’s system for reaping big profits from swing trading revealed for the first time

Bringing the full weight of his astounding record of pulling big wins out of the markets to bear,  Jea Yu, founder of the, shows you exactly how he does it and how you can too. Notorious for playing it close to the vest, Yu, in this 2-disk DVD workshop (plus a gold mine of online source material) with online sour, finally shows his hand, revealing the secrets behind his successful swing trading system. In a compelling presentation, that famously charismatic presenter describes the research methods, powerful scanning techniques and highly-predictive set-ups and patterns which he originally developed for playing intraday markets and he explains how he applies them to swing trading for even greater success.

  • Tells you which markets to watch and how to spot a broader trend that supports your profitable trade 
  • Fills you in on every detail of unique patterns that allow you to defy the odds and increase your wins by an order of magnitude
  • Supplies you with a checklist of all the factors that need to fall into place for a stock price to move your way 
  • Shows you how to make sure every element of the sector your trade is in lines up to boost your gains and how to measure, interpret, and act on the "sexiness" of a stock
  • Describes strategies for using Candlesticks, Moving Averages, Stochastics, and Bollinger Bands to continually spot and execute winning trades