Swiss Annuities and Life Insurance: Secure Returns, Asset Protection, and Privacy


Praise for Swiss Annuities & Life Insurance

"Bravo! This is the definitive book for American and Canadian taxpayers and their tax planners. It comprises a complete treatment of the unparalleled Swiss financial-related insurance products, which represent the best that offshore has to offer in asset protection, estate planning, and investment vehicles today."
—Hoyt Barber, Vancouver, Canada, author of Secrets of Swiss Banking and Tax Havens Today

"This is an important work that I recommend enthusiastically to anyone working with and counseling others with respect to Swiss annuities and life insurance. The book includes a detailed analysis of these highly versatile investments and a thorough discussion of the laws applicable in the relevant jurisdictions involved. The result is a book that is both well researched and eminently useful to anyone seeking to use these vehicles to best advantage. I know that this book will form an invaluable part of my library and that I will refer to it regularly in my work."
—Stanley A. Barg, Philadelphia, United States, Partner, Duane Morris LLP

"An unparalleled holistic overview of Switzerland with its life insurance and annuities environment. Profound and written with due attention to detail—yet easy to follow—it allows the reader to gain quick and specific knowledge. While it contains practical guidance to any professional in the financial planning and insurance arena, I find it equally useful for private investors who may be attracted by diversity abroad. Truly a commendable eye opener with great information value."
—Heinz Eggenberger, Zurich, Switzerland, ARM, General Manager, AIG Europe (Switzerland) and President, IIS Insurance Institute of Switzerland

"The publication of Swiss Annuities and Life Insurance is a remarkable achievement: a readable, concise, and balanced account of the political, economic, and social history of Switzerland since World War I and of the development of the Swiss insurance industry and the growing sophistication of its products as investment vehicles. Unlike most books on these subjects, Swiss Annuities and Life Insurance is well written, comprehensive, and a unique source for professional advisors as well as for investors. I wish there had been a book like it when I spent hours and hours researching the purchase of my annuities."
—Dr. Edgar Gunther, New York, United States, former executive vice president of an international investment management company and former research director of Fortune magazine

"This compendium represents the first in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the unique advantages offered by Swiss annuities and insurance for those seeking wealth preservation and tax minimization. Written by some of the leading authorities in the field, this book should be on every professional's bookshelf and is also an excellent resource for those considering the purchase of these products."
—Gideon Rothschild, New York, United States, Partner and cohead, Private Client Services, Moses & Singer LLP

Marco Gantenbein, TEP, is an international insurance specialist and the Managing Director of Swiss Annuities Consulting Group, Zurich/Switzerland. He has worked for many years as an insurance consultant in both the private and business sectors, and is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Gantenbein graduated from Zurich Business School and holds a Swiss Federal Insurance Diploma.

Mario A. Mata, CPA, TEP, is a business and estate planning partner and attorney with Cantey & Hanger, LLP. He has extensive experience in all aspects of business, estate, and tax planning for high-net-worth individuals and families. Mata is a member of the International Tax Planning Association and is Vice-Chair of the Asset Protection Planning Committee of the American Bar Association.




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Chapter 1. Why Switzerland (Christian H. Kälin, Henley & Partners, Zurich?

Chapter 2. Switzerland: The Basics (Prof. Clive H. Church, University of Kent, Canterbury.

Chapter 3. The Life Insurance Industry in Switzerland(Peter Lüssi and Dr. Peter Fierz, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Zurich.

Chapter 4. Insurance Regulation in Switzerland (Monica Mächler, Swiss Federal Office of Private Insurance,).

Chapter 5. The Role and Supervision of Swiss Insurance Brokers (Prof. Dr. Moritz Kuhn, Meyer Müller Eckert Attorneys, Zurich).

Chapter 6. Asset Protection through Swiss Annuities & Life Insurance (Dr. Joachim Frick, Baker & McKenzie, Zurich).

Chapter 7. Asset Protection Through Swiss Annuities and Life Insurance: The view from the U.S. (Mario A. Mata, Cantey & Hanger, Dallas).

Chapter 8. Global Wealth Preservation Planning Using Swiss Insurance Products and International Trusts (Mario A. Mata, Cantey & Hanger, Dallas).

Chapter 9. The Advantages of Liechtenstein Annuities and Life Insurance (Dr. Alexander T. Skreiner, former Managing Director, CapitalLeben, Schaan).

Chapter 10. Asset Protection Through Liechtenstein Annuities and Life Insurance (Dr. Joe Gasser and Markus Schwingshackl, Dr. Dr. Batliner & Dr. Gasser, Vaduz).

Chapter 11. Swiss Annuities vs. Asset Protection Trusts (Maehala R. Nathan, Swiss Annuity Consulting Group, Zurich).

Chapter 12. Swiss Annuities in Self-Directed Retirement Plans (Marco Gantenbein, Swiss Insurance Partners AG, Zurich).

Chapter 13. Survey of Basic U.S. Federal Income Tax Considerations in Purchasing and Holding an Annuity or Life Insurance Contract issued by a Swiss or Luxembourg Insurance Company (Frederic J. Gelfond, Deloitte Tax LLP, Washington D.C.).

Chapter 14. U.S. Estate and Tax Planning Aspects of Life Insurance and Annuities (Glenn Fox and Dr. Paul A. Ferrara, Alston & Bird LLP, New York).

Appendix A. Facts and Figures.

Appendix B. Contact Information.

Appendix C. Addresses.




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