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Switzerland Business & Investment Handbook: Economy, Law, Taxation, Real Estate, Residence, Facts & Figures, Key Addresses


The Switzerland Business & Investment Handbook covers all key aspects of conducting business, investing and living in Switzerland. It is a unique reference manual featuring over thirty separate chapters, each of them concise and to the point, providing the information that really matters. Besides an introduction to Switzerland’s historical, political, social and economic framework, the book covers the Swiss legal system, company and contract law, intellectual property law, personal and corporate taxation, VAT, international tax aspects, real estate, residence, the social security and pension system, Swiss annuities and life insurance, corporate and private banking, and other important subjects. Overview tables, useful checklists, portraits of the Swiss cantons, a bibliography, a comprehensive facts and figures section, as well as a clearly organized address section, make the handbook user-friendly and practice-oriented. The book is aimed at:
  • Company executives who wish to have a clear overview of the legal, tax and economic framework in Switzerland
  • Investors and entrepreneurs interested in investing and doing business in Switzerland
  • Tax and legal advisors, business consultants and fiduciaries
  • English-speakers living, working or doing business in Switzerland

Christian H. Kälin, the Editor of the handbook as well as one of its co-authors, is a lawyer and partner at Henley & Partners, Zurich.

The other authors include Switzerland specialist Professor Clive Church of the University of Kent, Barbara Beck of The Economist, Andrin Waldburger of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Xavier Oberson, a lawyer and professor of tax law in Geneva, Dr Arthur Vayloyan, Head of Private Banking Switzerland at Credit Suisse, Professor Jean-Baptiste Zufferey, Vice-Chairman of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission, and other leading specialists in their fields.

The foreword is by Joseph Deiss, Federal Councillor and Minister of Economic Affairs.


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Foreword  (Joseph Deiss Federal Councillor, Head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Bern).


Switzerland: An introduction (Prof. Clive H. Church, University of Kent, Canterbury).

Why Switzerland? (Christian H. kalin, Henley & Partners, Zurich).

The Swiss Economy (Dr Eric Scheidegger, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Bern).

Switzerland and the European Union (Barbara Beck, Surveys Editor, The Economist, London).

Switzerland and the USA (Martin Naville, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, Zurich and Geneva).


The Swiss Legal System (Dr Peter Max Gutzwiller, Lenz & Staehelin, Zurich).

Contract Law (Dr Roberto Dallafior and Peter Schatz, Hess Dallafior, Zurich).

Corporate Law (Gudrun Burgi-Schneider, Burgi Nageli, Zurich).

Labor Market and Employment Law (Dr Rolf P. Jetzer and Michaela Zehnder, Neiderer, Kraft & Frey, Zurich).

Social Security & Pension System (Dr Urs H. Schaffner, Mercer Benefit Consulting SA, Zurich).

Competition Law (Prof Dr Rolf Walter and Dr Mani Reinert, Bar & Karrer, Zurich).

Intellectual Property Law (Dr Mathis Berger, Hess Dallafior, Zurich).

Real-Estate Law (Christian H. Kalin, Henley & Partners, Zurich).

Matrimonial Property & Inheritance Law (Ingrid Iselin, Lenz & Staehelin, Geneva).

Personal Income & Wealth Taxes (Renato Bloch, Bloch Law Offices, Lugano and Luca Moretti, T&L Tax & Legal Advisors SA, Lugano).

Lump-Sum Taxation and Residence for the Financially Independent (Christian H. Kalin, Henley & Partners, Zurich).

Inheritance & Gift Taxes (Otmar Huber, Tax Partner AG, Zurich).

Corporate Income & Capital Taxes (Prof Dr Xavier Oberson, Oberson & Associates, Geneva).

Taxation of Holding and Domicile Companies (Adrin Waldburger, Pricewaterhouescoopers, Zurich).

Taxation of Partnerships and Branches (Dr Robert Danon and Denis Berdos Baker & McKenzie, Geneva).

Federal Withholding Tax (Dr Maja Bauer-Balmelli, Pestalozzi Lachenal Patry, Zurich).

Value Added Tax (Dr Mathia Bopp and Dr. Niklaus Honauer, Pricewaterhousecoopers, Zurich and Basel).

Swiss International Taxation (Prof Dr Xavier Oberson, Oberson & Associates, Geneva).

Swiss Companies in International Tax Planning (Christian H. Kalin, Henley & Partners, Zurich and Cess Jan Quirijns, MeesPierson Intertrust, Zug).

Corporate Banking (Urs P. Gauch, Head Corporate Clients - Large Corpoartes, Credit Suisse, Zurich).

Private Banking: A Swiss Success Story (Dr Arthur Vayloyan, Credit Suisse, Zurich).

Swiss Annuities and Life Insurance (Marco Gantenbein, SIP Swiss Insurance Partners, Zurich).

Banking and Financial Market Regulation ( Prof Jean-Baptiste Zufferey, Swiss Federal Banking Commission, Bern).

Anti-Money Laundering ( Judith Schmidt, Swiss Money Laundering Control Authority, Bern).


PART 1V - FACTS AND FIGURES (Complied by Christian H. Kalin, with editorial contributions from various others).