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The 90% Solution: Higher Returns, Less Risk


Discover how to achieve superior investment performance

"I enjoyed this book on several levels. First: I appreciated the factual information about stock market behavior and the increasingly sophisticated packaged products being offered to mitigate market risk. Second: I was reminded how little I know about market timing and how it can help lower the risk exposure of any portfolio. Third, and most interesting of all: I really enjoyed the personal side of David Rogers's career."
—Binkley Shorts, Equity Portfolio Manager Wellington Management Co.

"I have followed David Rogers's market forecasting for many years. He is very good (not many really are). David's book, The 90% Solution is enjoyable and educational. I found the historical reviews particularly interesting and I agree with David's most important theme regarding the importance of market timing wholeheartedly. In an age where hedge funds and brokerage trading desks control over half of total market value, the adage 'timing is everything' is critically important to investors as well as traders."
—Otis T. Bradley, Managing Director of Research, Gilford Securities

"David is a very thorough and dedicated analyst, and everyone, both novice and professional, could learn something from reading this book. No one has all the answers when it comes to successful investing, however David's approach can help even the most remedial investor secure better-than-average returns in his or her portfolio. I highly recommend you read each page with care."
—Jack Norberg, Chairman, Standard Investment Chartered, Inc., and General Partner, Buttonwood Tree Value Partners

"This book demystifies the hocus-pocus and debunks the bad rap that market timing has attracted. Time will show why David Rogers is one of the unheralded investment gurus of our day."
—Craig Pieringer, Portfolio Manager, Wells Capital Management

"David Rogers breaks through the cobweb-clichés about 'buying and holding,' spun for years by most stock brokers and mutual fund salesmen. It is high time that market timing be revisited and its best techniques be shared with the investing public. Rogers is to be commended for spotlighting this timely need."
—William Schmidt, PhD, President, Tiger Software

"This book has to be on the reading list of every serious investor. David Rogers tells us why and how using the overall stock market's direction is the best way to improve portfolio performance. He knows what he is talking about because his performance ranks among the best in the world of active money management."
—Roger J. Schreiner, CEO, Schreiner Capital Management

DAVID ROGERS is founder and Chief Investment Officer of Watauga Equity Management, a registered investment advisory firm in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, that specializes in active asset allocation strategies using indexed and leveraged mutual funds. He is also a Senior Financial Writer for CCG Investor Relations and Strategic Communications, Los Angeles. Mr. Rogers has nearly thirty years' experience in the investment industry and has held advisory, research, trading, and sales positions for regional and national firms. Rogers has become well known for his skill in establishing the probability of overall stock market direction and, since 1994, has specialized in portfolio construction using mid-, small-, and micro-cap companies, from both "value" and "growth" perspectives.


Act I Slaying the Dragons.

1 Lessons from Shakespeare's Bastard Son.

2 This Is Not Your Grandfather's Stock Market.

3 The Farce That Is "Buy and Hold".

Act II If Only You Could . . .

4 Simple, Simon Says.

5 Epiphany.

6 What If?

Act III My Approach to Market Timing.

7 A Timing Manifesto.

8 Silencing Statistical Noise.

9 Technical Timing Signals.

Act IV My Management Solutions.

10 My Mutual Fund Asset Allocation Solutions.

11 My Convergence Fund Solution.

Act V Other Approaches.

12 Broad Strokes.

13 Other Timing Approaches and Resources.