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The ART of Trading: Combining the Science of Technical Analysis with the Art of Reality-Based Trading


Praise for ART of Fair Trading

"McDowell's reality-based trading plan is fully disclosed in this book covering technical analysis, money management, risk control, paper trading, and the psychology of trading . . . everything a serious trader or investor needs. It's a well thought-out strategy and certainly worth the investment."
—Julie Craig, Vice President, eSignal

"McDowell shares his trading techniques using the ART® trading system that helps you identify the direction of the market and provides entry points as well as an exit strategy with stops to minimize losses and maximize gains. This book does not overwhelm you with massive technical jargon but gives you a simplified approach. Clearly, this is a trading book worth reading for any serious trader."
—Larry Jacobs, Editor, Traders World magazine

"This book is the most comprehensive introduction to developing a trading system I have ever seen. It's a thorough explanation of how to trade a wonderful software package, ART, which I have been using for four years. This is my idea of fun!"
—Philip Pitts, ART® Trader

"Here is a book that teaches you about trading from the heart and mind of a professional trader. Bennett McDowell has successfully combined the ART and SCIENCE of trading in a well thought-out, structured approach. Focusing on the essentials that a trader needs to deal with, this book will provide an edge for today's trader. I highly recommend The ART® of Trading as a model for all aspiring and experienced traders alike."
—Sandy Jadeja, Chief Market Strategist and Editor, London Stock Exchange

"This is the kind of book that fires my personal testing ideas; it features simple concepts explained in a straightforward manner. The theories lead to pragmatic systems that can be used in turnkey fashion or modified according to the reader's discretion. I anticipate many happy hours in the research lab."
—Art Collins, author, trader, and Contributor to Futures magazine

Bennett A. McDowell is the founder of® and an expert in both technical analysis and complex trading platforms. As a financial advisor and broker, McDowell used his own proprietary trading system to serve a community of high-net-worth clients. This system later became known as Applied Reality Trading® or ART, and today is used by traders and investors in more than forty countries around the world. McDowell lectures frequently and writes articles for many leading trading publications, including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. He is a recognized leader in trading education and is honored to be a member of the eSignal "Trading with the Masters" team.






Part One. Reality.

Chapter 1. It's All About Reality.

Chapter 2. The Reality of Price & Volume.

Chapter 3. Managing Risk: Always Set a Stop Loss Exit.

Chapter 4. If It Sounds Too Good to be True…

Chapter 5. Personal Methods to Increase Trading Success.

Chapter 6. Identify Your Personal ART® Profile.

Part Two. Art.

Chapter 7. Design Your “Business Plan”.

Chapter 8. Selecting A Financial Market .

Chapter 9. Selecting A Time Frame.

Chapter 10. Selecting Your Broker & Data Source.

Chapter 11. Psychology & “The Trader's Mindset”.

Chapter 12. Artistic Simplicity.

Chapter 13. The Art Of Paper Trading.

Part Three. Science & Math.

Chapter 14. Calculating Proper Trade Size.

Chapter 15. Other Formulas & Recipes.

Chapter 16. The Human Brain.

Part Four. ART System Basics.

Chapter 17. ART Is The Total Solution.

Chapter 18. Pyramid Trading Points.

Chapter 19. Market Truths: Price Bars & Volume.

Chapter 20. ART Reversal Bar Signals.

Chapter 21. Trend Trading Rules.

Chapter 22. Counter Trend Trading Rules.

Chapter 23. Scalping Rules.

Part Five. Advanced Techniques.

Chapter 24. When To Use Advanced Techniques.

Chapter 25. Scaling-OUT and Scaling-IN.

Chapter 26. How To Trade Channeling Markets.

Chapter 27. Software Optimization & ATR.

Chapter 28. Stop & Reverse (SAR).

Chapter 29. Higher Time Frame – Filter.

Chapter 30. Other Filter Techniques.

Chapter 31. Elliott Wave – Ungrounded Assessment.

Chapter 32. Other Un-Grounded Assessments.



Appendix A. Art Software Quick-Start.

Appendix B. Art Tips.

Appendix C. Art Software Technical Support.

Appendix D. The Art Of Trading Companion Dvd.

Appendix E. Resources.



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