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The Audacity of Help: Obama's Stimulus Plan and the Remaking of America


The United States confronts its greatest economic crisis since the 1930s. President Obama has taken quick and decisive action to enact an economic stimulus package strong enough to address problems of historic proportions. What does this new package mean for American families, businesses, investors, and taxpayers?

The Audacity of Help unrolls the blueprints and offers insights on how the economic stimulus package—as passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama—will affect healthcare, education, the environment, energy, taxes, and more. The book includes analysis of sectors and industries that will benefit, as well as those that will not. Wasik's conclusions are firmly grounded in a comprehensive and enlightening evaluation of the final economic package passed into law. Extensive study and interviews with experts from each economic sector support his analysis.

John Wasik is a financial columnist for Bloomberg News and the author of several books. His most recent book is The Cul-de-Sac Syndrome, published by Bloomberg Press in June 2009. His book The Merchant of Power was praised by Studs Terkel and well reviewed by the New York Times. Wasik has won more than fifteen journalism awards, including several from the National Press Club. He has appeared on such national media as NBC, NPR, and PBS. He lives in Chicago.

Introduction: A brief history of Obamanomics.

1. First Aid and Income Boosters.

2. Rebuilding Infrastructure, Creating Jobs.

3. Bottom-Up Economics: Small-Business Benefits.

4. Job Creators and the Green-Collar Bonus.

5. Get Smarter.

6. Borrowing Wisely.

7. Restoring Homeownership: Keeping the Dream Alive.

8. Health-Care Reform.

9. Unfinished Business: Long-Range Goals in Entitlement Reform.

10. The Road Ahead.