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The Awakened Millionaire: A Manifesto for the Spiritual Wealth Movement


A manifesto on balancing the pursuit of wealth with spiritual growth, from the bestselling author of Zero Limits

The Awakened Millionaire is the stirring cry for a new breed of millionaire—one at peace with spirituality, humanity, passion. . . and prosperity.

From the man who has found impressive success in a diverse range of industries, from marketing to motivational speaking to music, Joe Vitale—known as the promoter of the Law of Attraction and creator of Hypnotic Marketing—comes the set of principles for attracting prosperity you can feel good about. There's a lot about money that makes us feel bad, such as it's the root of all evil, it can't buy happiness, it corrupts absolutely, and it changes us and makes us greedy, among others. Now, you can look at money in an empowering new way and turn your private passion into personal wealth. Joe's inspired guidance refreshes your outlook on business, relationships, and what's possible when you put your mind and heart into living the highest vision of your life you see. What is the value of money? It changes. Abundance is always the same, and Joe provides the concrete steps for bringing plenty of what you need into your life by doing what you love to do by:

  • Encouraging situations where everyone benefits in order to nurture growth and spiritual enrichment
  • Living every day of your life around the proven formulas Passion + Purpose = Mission and Soul + Money = More Soul + More Money
  • Deleting the "counter-intentions" sabotaging your best efforts to capture prosperity

When it sounds too good to be true, Joe delivers motivating stories of other real people who accomplished impressive levels of prosperity by standing by their values and beliefs. If you believe a business can make the world a better place and provide for people at the same time, you're ready for The Awakened Millionaire.

JOE VITALE is president of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., a marketing consulting firm. He has been called "The Buddha of the Internet" for his combination of spirituality and marketing acumen. An inspiring speaker, coach, and author, Joe is an inspiration to millions and a star in the hit movie The Secret.


Promise Yourself xiii

The Awakened Millionaire Creed xv

Foreword xvii

Introduction xxi

Vishen Lakhiani

Acknowledgments xxiii

Prologue xxv


Chapter 1 The Truth 3

Chapter 2 Awakened Millionaires 10

Chapter 3 One Awakening 15

Chapter 4 What’s Real? 21

Chapter 5 Counterintentions 26

Chapter 6 The Formula 33

Chapter 7 The Mirror 37

Chapter 8 The Mission 40

Chapter 9 The Forgotten Penney 42

Chapter 10 Stretch! 45

Chapter 11 The Secret Ally Inside 51

Chapter 12 The Sole Purpose of Money 56

Chapter 13 Forget Selling, Start Sharing 61

Chapter 14 How Much Is Enough? 66

Chapter 15 Never Ever Fail Again 70

Chapter 16 The Win-Win-Win 73

Chapter 17 The Big Idea 77


Chapter 18 Who You Can Become 83

Chapter 19 Decision 85

Chapter 20 Money 88

Chapter 21 Obstacle Gold 91

Chapter 22 Empty Full 94

Chapter 23 The Three 97

Chapter 24 Money Soul 100

Chapter 25 Invest in You 102

Chapter 26 Your Inner Guide 105

Chapter 27 Where to Begin 108

Epilogue 113


The Awakened Millionaire’s Prayer 117

The Abundance Manifesto 10 Principles 118

Conversations with Awakened Millionaires 130

The Seven Blocks 139

Butterflies and Your RAS 143

Help Paris: The Power of Group Intent 145

The Fourth-Dimension Process: Triggering Hypermanifestation for Wealth 148

Inside the Creed 157

Your Next Step 165

Resources 167

Bibliography 168

About the Author 170

Index 171