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The Bank Credit Analysis Handbook: A Guide for Analysts, Bankers and Investors, 2nd Edition


Praise for The Bank Credit Analysis Handbook, Second Edition

"In this second edition, Philippe Delhaise and Jonathan Golin build on their professional experience with Thomson Bank Watch Asia to produce a clear introduction to bank credit risk analysis. As very few books on this topic exist, it is a most welcome publication. The short and transparent chapters are rich on institutional information, building on intuition. It is quite an achievement to analyze bank solvency with no reference to heavy mathematics and statistics. The book covers topics of recent interest such as liquidity risk, sovereign and banking crises, and bank restructuring."
—Jean Dermine, Professor of Banking and Finance, Chair, INSEAD

"Messrs. Delhaise and Golin have written what must be considered the seminal book on bank credit analysis. Its breadth and scope is reflective of the decades of experience they have in deciphering the core elements of bank credit risk. I found the chapter on country and sovereign risk particularly useful. This book should be considered essential reading for anyone in the field of credit risk analysis."
—Daniel Wagner, CEO of Country Risk Solutions and author of Managing Country Risk

"This book is an excellent reference for anyone involved in bank risk management. It combines practical tools with case studies. Based on their substantial experience, Golin and Delhaise nicely bridge the gap between theory and practice."
—André Farber, Professor of Finance, Université Libre de Bruxelles

"Jonathan Golin has done it again. Both he and Philippe Delhaise have taken a very complicated and timely topic and have distilled the subject matter into an easy read that is useful to those directly or indirectly involved with bank credit analysis."
—Craig Lindsay, Chairman, Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute

"Messrs. Delhaise and Golin have updated their first edition of this handbook with such a high degree of relevance and insight, on the heels of the 2007–2008 banking crisis, that this reference guide will surely be essential reading for every market participant involved with bank risk analysis. There are few people as qualified to write on this subject as these gentlemen; their experience speaks volumes. Once again, they are to be commended for distilling a complex subject into a practical and useful handbook."
—Andrew Miller, Management Consultant, Financial Services, Hong Kong

JONATHAN GOLIN, a graduate of Berkeley and Harvard Law School, has more than fifteen years' experience in the financial sector. He worked at the Economist Intelligence Unit and as a credit analyst at Tokai Asia in Hong Kong before joining Thomson BankWatch Asia in 1997, a specialist rating agency. After BankWatch was absorbed by Fitch Ratings in 2000, Jonathan wrote the first edition of The Bank Credit Analysis Handbook (2002). Subsequently, he relocated to London and established his own bank credit research and training consultancy. Clients included Rabobank, Genworth Financial, Euromoney Training, the African Development Bank, and the Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation. More recently, Jonathan was employed by the UK's main bank regulator, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as a risk specialist. Other books in which he had a lead role include Capital Flows Along the Mekong: The Complete Guide to Investing in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam (1995) and Covered Bonds beyond Pfandbriefe: Innovations, Investment and Structured Alternatives (2006).

PHILIPPE DELHAISE, PhD, is the founder of Capital Information Services and the Carbon Management Consulting Group. He was the President of the Asia Division of Thomson BankWatch, and served as an adjunct professor of finance at City University of Hong Kong. Philippe Delhaise is a graduate of the University of Louvain (Belgium), with degrees in engineering, philosophy, and economics, and a graduate of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He is currently the President of CTRisks Rating, a licensed rating agency in Hong Kong. In 1998, Wiley published Delhaise's well-received book on the 1997 banking crisis in Asia: Asia in Crisis: The Implosion of the Banking and Finance Systems.

Preface to the New Edition vii

CHAPTER 1 The Credit Decision 1

CHAPTER 2 The Credit Analyst 37

CHAPTER 3 The Business of Banking 87

CHAPTER 4 Deconstructing the Bank Income Statement 155

CHAPTER 5 Deconstructing a Bank’s Balance Sheet 215

CHAPTER 6 Earnings and Profitability 261

CHAPTER 7 Asset Quality 337

CHAPTER 8 Management and Corporate Governance 415

CHAPTER 9 Capital 449

CHAPTER 10 Liquidity 493

CHAPTER 11 Country and Sovereign Risk 551

CHAPTER 12 Risk Management, Basel Accords, and Ratings 641

CHAPTER 13 The Banking Regulatory Regime 717

CHAPTER 14 Crises: Banking, Financial, Twin, Economic, Debt, Sovereign, and Policy Crises 781

CHAPTER 15 The Resolution of Banking Crises 847

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