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The Complete Direct Investing Handbook: A Guide for Family Offices, Qualified Purchasers, and Accredited Investors


The Complete Direct Investing Handbook is a comprehensive guide of best practices including strategies, processes and actual case studies designed to help investors be more successful with their direct investing activities. With interviews of leading family office investors in this space coupled with interviews with top direct investing advisors, the guide will become an essential resource for any investor in the private equity markets whether they are exploring making their first investment or have been in the market for many years. This book will:

  • Provide guidance on how to define and craft a solid investment thesis
  • Discuss overall timelines required that drive direct investing activities
  • Narrow the possible types, sizes, durations and risk profiles of different direct investment opportunities
  • Review practical cases and highlight what types of investments are appropriate for the family office investor
  • Include direct investing check lists and best practices

This book will be a practical guide to the nuances and processes of direct investing for family offices.