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The Credit Diet: How to Shed Unwanted Debt and Achieve Fiscal Fitness


You'll treasure the practical insights and the useful tips in this book. You'll think differently, act smarter, and increase your wealth by learning John Furhman's ideas.
–Nido R. Qubein
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.
Founder, National Speakers Association Foundation

It's no big surprise that each year thousands of people fall into debt. What is shocking is that many of us accept the fact that we could be in debt for the rest of our lives. John Fuhrman should know because he has been there, but he decided to put a plan together that would eliminate debt from his life for good.

In The Credit Diet: How to Shed Unwanted Debt and Achieve Fiscal Fitness, award-winning speaker and bestselling author John Fuhrman uses his personal life experience of overcoming debt to provide you with a practical and easy-to-follow road map that will help you to rise above your current financial situation and take the necessary action to remove debt from your life.

JOHN FUHRMAN is an award-winning speaker and bestselling author who has reached more than 1,000,000 people over the last five years through his books, tapes, and speaking programs. His clients include Quixtar, Atlantic Savings Bank, Middlesex Mutual Insurance, and the nearly 400,000 independent business owners who have used his materials to help their businesses grow successfully. His books (five in all) have sold more than 500,000 copies over the past four years through his speaking programs and large corporate orders. Fuhrman has also appeared in such publications as Men's Health, Selling Magazine, Sales Mastermind, the Manchester Union Leader, and the Kansas City Star.
Why I Wrote This Book.




ONE: We All Start Somewhere.

Don t Bank on It.

Compound Interest Thriller or Killer.

Everyone Has Their Own Wake-up Call.

Every Little Bit Helps.

The Moment of Success.

TWO: Where the Trouble Begins.

The Hidden Cost of Credit When to SayI Can t.

The Simpler Life.

Faster (Instant Gratification) Costs More.

If You Don t Train Yourself,Advertisers Will.

Is Being in Debt Really a Serious Situation?

THREE: Would You Still Do It If . . . ?

How Are You Supposed to Know?

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Have You Added Fuel to Your Own Fireof Debt?

Go for Elimination of Annual Fees andLower Interest Rates.

Businesses and Banks Have Their Own Agenda.

FOUR: A Case Study Jane Debt.

An Example to Help You Understand.

After the First 90 Days.

The Second 90 Days.

Now the Excitement Starts.

FIVE: Thinking Wealthy.

Freedom Means Options.

Real Possibilities to Prepare For.

Rethinking What Wealth Is.

How Else Could Wealth Affect Your Life?

Wealth Means Control.

If There Were Only One Question to Ask.


SIX: Why Multiple Accounts?

We Get What We Think About!

How We Started.

Why Not Just One Account on Paper?

Where Does This Money Come From?

Where Not to Put All Your Eggs.

Money versus Finance.

SEVEN: The Cash Flow Account.

Does It Seem to Be Spent Before You Get It?

Change Your Mind about Money.

EIGHT: The Permanent Wealth Account.

A New Feeling of Security.

Why Is the Permanent Wealth AccountSo Powerful?

The Fun of Finance.

What Is Permanent Wealth?

NINE: The Totally Fun Account.

The Reward Should Equal theContribution.

Did You Ever Diet?


How to Double Your Fun.

What You Think About Happens.

TEN: The Future Growth Account.

Will You Make Enough?

You Need an Employee.

Why Many Investments Don t Work.

How Much Do You Need to Haveto Invest?

A Powerful Money Rule.

Worry-Free Investing.

ELEVEN: The Income Security Account.

Fact-of-Life Financing.

A Real Paid Vacation.

What About Along the Way?

Follow Your Dream The MoneyWill Come.

You Can Do It Sooner ThanYou Think.

The Past Does Not Equal the Future.

TWELVE: The Debt Elimination Account.

Chains That Bind.

Your Only Temporary Account.

The Setup.

Start Small.

It Keeps Getting Better.

Working with Finance.

Don t You Need Credit Cards to Live Today?

Let s Recycle.


THIRTEEN: Start Small.

You Can t Get Rich without It.

A Change with Change.

Habits That Make You Grow.

FOURTEEN: Creating Wealth.

Digging for Wealth at Home.

Use Your Imagination.

Remember Before You Act.

FIFTEEN: Speeding Up the Process.

Can You Find Some Extra Money?

Make Them Earn Your Business.

Something You Should Subscribe To.

What About Increasing Income?

What Else Can You Do?

One Last Option.

Use Your Imagination.


SIXTEEN: It Has to Be Fun.

A Game or Another Job?

Use Your Imagination.

Three Ideas a Day.

Focused Fun and the Refrigerator.

SEVENTEEN: The Two-Year Rules.

You Can t Just Try.


Sell, Sell, Sell.

Moving Investments.

Part Five: THE MAP.

EIGHTEEN: History.

The Six Accounts.

Paying Off Debts.

This Is Worth It Because . . .

What About the Kids.

It Doesn t Stop Here.

Sharing without Giving.

Questions You Need.

NINETEEN: Additional Tables and Support Items.

Some Eye-Opening Examples.

The Ultimate Goal.

Freedom in Less Than a Third of the Time.

Tools That You Can Use.

Resources for the Future.

Fifteen Minutes a Day.

What I ve Read.

Positive Changes.

Materialism versus Capitalism.



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