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The Crowd Funding Services Handbook: Raising the Money You Need to Fund Your Business, Project, or Invention


Get your project funded the Crowd Funding way

Have a great idea that needs financial backing? The Crowd Funding Services Handbook offers entrepreneurs in every industry a new means of securing capital that will help make their dream projects a reality. This comprehensive resource offers a step-by-step guide for creating and managing an effective crowd funding effort while at the same time avoiding the common missteps that so often stymie early-stage funding seekers.

Jason R. Rich outlines the process of using a service such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo to implement and direct a winning crowd funding campaign. He shows how to attract highly targeted backers and supporters using social media. In addition, Rich reveals how to put in place successful online advertising, public relations, and other efforts that will cater to the wants and needs of the backers who will play a pivotal role in the funding of a project idea.

The Crowd Funding Services Handbook is an accessible resource for anyone who wants to run a reward- or pre-sale-based crowd funding campaign that will get results.

JASON R. RICH ( is the bestselling author of more than 55 books, as well as a frequent contributor to numerous national magazines, major daily newspapers, and popular websites. He has written extensively about online social networking and is the author of The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Business Online from Wiley.

Acknowledgments ix

About the Author xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 How Crowd Funding Works: The Basics 1

Chapter 2 What Types of Businesses, Projects, and Inventions Can Get Funded 15

Chapter 3 Introduction to Crowd Funding Platforms and Services 29

Chapter 4 Preplanning Your Crowd Funding Campaign 51

Chapter 5 Crunching the Numbers 65

Chapter 6 Targeting Your Backers and Supporters 79

Chapter 7 Producing Your Promotional Video 89

Chapter 8 Promoting Your Campaign 105

Chapter 9 Interacting with Your Backers Using a Blog 123

Chapter 10 Getting the Help You Need 133

Chapter 11 You’ve Reached Your Funding Goal--Now What? 141

Chapter 12 Get Started Using Kickstartercom 149

Chapter 13 Interviews with Crowd Funding Experts 163

Chapter 14 Crowd Funding Experts Share Their Secrets 197

Chapter 15 Experienced Crowd Funders Share Their Secrets 225

Index 253