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The Day Trader: From the Pit to the PC


Praise for The Day Trader

"A legendary S&P floor trader has written a powerful, brutally honest chronicle of his determined rise to the top of his profession. Touching and insightful, this riveting account is one of the best trading memoirs ever."--NELSON FREEBURG, PUBLISHER, FORMULA RESEARCH

"The Day Trader provides a rare look into the events that shaped the extraordinary character of one of the most unique people to ever put on a trading jacket . . . it comes as no surprise that Borsellino places himself at the center of the maelstrom surrounding electronic trading versus open outcry and provides a truly balanced, intelligent, and unemotional view of the momentous transformation occurring in the financial markets. It is imperative that anyone involved in trading the markets--either traditionally or electronically--read this story and benefit from the insights of one of the great traders of our lifetime."--MARIO ALBERICO, FORMER SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, ELECTRONIC TRADING, CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE

"The Day Trader is must reading for anyone in the market. Lewis Borsellino is an Italian American hero who climbed the mountain with guts and honor. The neighborhood kid will always remember where he came from."--DOMINIC DI FRISCO, PRESIDENT EMERITUS, JOINT CIVIC COMMITTEE OF ITALIAN AMERICANS

LEWIS J. BORSELLINO is the top S&P futures trader in the United States, with a career that has spanned nearly twenty years. His long-term success puts him into the trading pantheon that features such luminaries as Paul Tudor Jones, Victor Niederhoffer, and bond trader Tom Baldwin. Borsellino is a frequent guest commentator on CNN-FN and CNBC, where he is regarded as the "biggest and best trader" in S&Ps. He is also the founder of, a Web site that provides education and dynamic market commentary for traders.
PATRICIA CRISAFULLI COMMINS is a freelance business writer and former correspondent for Reuters America Inc. She has also written for the Christian Science Monitor and the Wall Street Journal.


High Times.

The Trading Life.


A Competitor's Heart.

The Down Times.

The Sting.

The Metamorphosis.

Trading Goes Electronic.

Politics, Trading, and the Futures Exchange.

From Grassroots to the Global Economy.

From the Pit to the PC.