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The European Union: The Annual Review 2001/2002


The Annual Review, produced in association with the Journal of Common Market Studies, covers the key developments in the European Union and its Member States in 2001/2002. It contains analytical articles on key political, economic and legal issues in the EU by leading experts, together with a keynote article on 11 September and the Challenge of Global Terrorism by Monica den Boer and Jorg Monar.

The Review, formerly entitled European Union Annual Review of Activities is the most up-to-date and authoritative source of information for those engaged in teaching and research or who are simply interested in the European Union. It includes an invaluable guide to EU documents and publications - and the various websites of the EU - together with a chronology of key events, and a list of all the books submitted to the Journal of Common Market Studies for review.

Dr Geoffrey Edwards holds the Jean Monnet Chair in Political Science at Cambridge University. He specialises in the institutions and external policies of the European Union.

Georg Wiessala is the Senior Lecturer in European Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. His interests include European Integration and the external relations of the European Union, especially with Asian countries.

Editorial: Geoffrey Edwards (University of Cambridge) and Georg Wiessala (University of Central Lancashire).

1. Keynote Article: 11 September and the Challenge of Global Terrorism to the EU as a Security Actor: Monica Den Boer (European Institute for Law Enforcement Co-operation, Brussels) and Jorg Monar (University of Sussex).

2. Institutions and Governance 2001-2 - Desmond Dinan (George Mason University).

3. Dull but Successful - the Swedish Presidency: Ole Elgstrom (Lund University).

4. The Belgian Presidencies of 2001: Bart Kerremans and Edith Driekens (both Katholieke Universiteit Leuven).

5. Internal Policy Developments: Hussein Kassim (University of London).

6. ‘One Careful Driver from New’: Earning the ECB's No-Claims Bonus: Massimo Beber (University of Cambridge).

7. Legal Developments: Jo Hunt (Cardiff Developments).

8. External Policy Developments: David Allen and Michael Smith (both Loughborough University).

9. Enlarging the European Union: Julie Smith (Royal Institute of International Affairs).

10. Justice and Home Affairs: Jorg Monar (University of Sussex).

11. Developments in the Member States: Lee Miles (University of Hull).

12. Developments in the Economies of the European Union: Nigel Grimwade (South Bank University).

13. Chronology: The European Union in 2001: Georg Wiessala (University of Central Lancashire).

14. Books on European Integration: Brian Ardy (South Bank University) and Jackie Gower (University of Kent at Canterbury).