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The Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading, 2nd Edition


“Kaeppel beans a very bright light on 4 of the most common--yet most difficult to overcome--trading ‘don’t’s’. In easy-to-understand terms he breaks down the problems and offers solutions. Keep this concise little gem near you at all times while trading.”

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You can earn big profits in options trading by avoiding the 4 most common--and most costly--mistakes the majority of traders make. Software developer Jay Kaeppel shows you how to avoid common pitfalls option traders encounter that cause them to lose money in the long run.

In Kaeppel’s “quick reading” style you’ll …

  • Learn to isolate the 4 most common mistakes
  • See why they are so common and easy to make
  • And discover a simple strategy to avoid these mistakes altogether

Here’s an action plan you can read and put into place immediately--to become a more profitable trader in no time.

Introduction vii

Mistake #1

Relying Solely on Market Timing to Trade Options 1

Why Traders Make Mistake #1 1

Why Mistake #1 Causes Losses In The Long Run 12

How To Avoid Mistake #1 22

Mistake #2

Buying Only Out-of-The-Money Options 27

Why Traders Make Mistake #2 29

Why Mistake #2 Causes Losses In The Long Run 34

How To Avoid Mistake #2 42

Mistake #3

Using Strategies That Are Too Complex 47

Why Traders Make Mistake #3 48

Why Mistake #3 Causes Losses In The Long Run 55

How To Avoid Mistake #3 64

Mistake #4

Casting Too Wide of a Net 67

Why Traders Make Mistake #4 67

Why Mistake #4 Causes Losses in the Long Run 67

How to Avoid Mistake #4 77

Summary 81

About the Author and Optionetics 83

Company Information 85

Trading Source Guide

Tools For Success in Options Trading 87