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The Future of Retail Banking in Europe: A View from the Top


Within Europe, the banking sector is commencing a period of considerable change and consolidation. Advances in technology, competition from the non-banking sector, the introduction of the Euro, a European Central bank and, possibly, pan-European Regulation, combined with the challenge from US banks, increased mergers and changing practices means 21st century banking is changing immeasurably. The Future of Retail Banking in Europe is written in an accessible style by Oonagh McDonald and Kevin Keasey, two of the leading authorities in the field and includes:
* In-depth analysis of the banking structures in all the major European markets.

* Foreword by Guy Warren, Head of Banking, Europe, Unisys Corporation

* Unique insights into the industry from the CEOs of major European banks.

The challenges being faced in the industry and predictions into what the future holds for retail banking in Europe.

This book will be essential reading for middle and senior managers in the banking and financial service sectors, both suppliers and investors in the banking sector, and MBA students.

"The appearance of this admirable survey of the changing world of retail banking could hardly have been better timed. Never have so many factors combined to influence the products and processes of banking - technology, regulation, governance, accounting, globalisation and consolidation, and above all the changing needs and aspirations of the customers." The Rt Hon Lord Stewartby RD, Deputy Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank

"The completion of the single financial market, in 2005, will have a profound effect on banking in Europe. McDonald and Keasey's timely analysis carefully maps the existing landscape and provides some useful pointers to the changes we will surely see in the next few years" Howard Davies, Chairman, The Financial Services Authority

Foreword by Guy Warren.



Setting the Scene.

The Challenges.

Transparency and Accountability.

France: Seven Slices of the Cake.

Germany: A Level Playing Field.

Italy: Fast-Track Banking.

Spain: Off to a Flying Start.

Scandinavia: A Silver Lining.

Netherlands: An Early Consolidator.

UK: Another Early Consolidator.

Looking to the Future.

Who Will Jump First?